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It’s More Than Just Black Friday At Target

Small Basic DisclosureIt’s Friday night. You might be thinking that Black Friday is basically over. Oh…but it’s not. Not at all! You can still enjoy all of the savings through November 30, 2013 at Target. So what’s on sale? Check out the awesome Black Friday deals only @Target!

Black Friday at Target FitBitI had almost talked myself into one of the camera deals. (Because two cameras just isn’t enough.) I eventually changed my plans and decided the deal on the FitBit was too good to pass up. Why? Because it was only $99 and it came with a $20 gift card. Great deal, right?

Target Gift Card and CouponOh, it was a great deal, but…it got even better. I headed into Target around midnight and got a special one day shopping pass good for 20% off my entire purchase that’s good starting on Sunday. Target is not ready for the epic shopping trip I’m planning for next week! (And good news-the 20% off coupon offer is still available, including online!)

There are still TONS of things in stock for you to enjoy. (Plus now you won’t have to wait in line. Bonus!) Don’t forget to load up on your Target coupons before you start  shopping. Check out these awesome savings available @Target. And have you downloaded the Cartwheel app? Start Saving on the things you already buy @Target. The apps available in the Google Play and iTunes store. 








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