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La Nouba by Cirque Du Soleil at Downtown Disney

La Nouba TheaterLa NoubaA visit to La Nouba by Cirque Du Soleil has been on my Orlando vacation bucket list for years. I was pretty darn excited to finish out my vacation last week with a trip to the show.

La Nouba has been in residence in Downtown Disney since late 1998. You can immediately see the advantages of a custom theater when watching the show. Multiple stage elevators, built in trampoline floors and other enhancements simply would not be feasible for a touring show.

DiabolosPyramideThere are so many elements to the show that it’s hard to pick a favorite. If pressed, I’d have to confess a special fondness for the Diabolos performers. I watched the entire time with my mouth open, waiting for one of the spools to drop. It never happened. If I tried I’m pretty sure the spools would spend the entire time on the floor.

The balance-boarding-juggler still makes me nervous when I think about it. You’ll have to see the show to fully understand, but trust me when I say that I don’t understand how he did it.

TrampolineI never thought trampolines could be exciting. I was wrong. There were moves that completely defied gravity. And they made me want to hop on my nieces’ trampoline immediately. Except that I’m 100% sure I’d walk away gravely injured if I attempted anything from the show so I’ll pass.

La Nouba has silk performers, jump rope performers, dancers, musicians, singers, clowns, tightrope walkers and more. There’s such an apparent level of skill that it’s easy to forget just how dangerous these acts can be. A trapeze artist was injured during the performance I attended. The show paused briefly and it was absolutely fascinating to watch everyone step into action. It’s clear that safety is a top priority.

My seats were in section 204, which is the very center of the theater. I truly don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house, but I would highly recommend section 204. There’s such a grand scale to the show that I think you benefit from sitting a little further back from the stage.

Ready to check out La Nouba for yourself? Find out more information and order tickets on the Cirque Du Soleil website!

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