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Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne Deserve Better Than Like A Boss

I really like all of the actors in Like A Boss. I’m not averse to a movie catering to the Bad Moms crowd. That’s why I’m sitting here kind of bummed that Like A Boss couldn’t deliver on some pretty minimal expectations.

Mia (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel (Rose Byrne) are childhood besties with an up and coming cosmetics business. Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) is a beauty industry tycoon, ready to bail them out of their business debt by purchasing part of their company. Claire’s ultimate goal, however, is gaining controlling interest, and she’s fully prepared to sabotage Mia and Mel’s friendship to do it.

There’s absolutely zero reason this movie shouldn’t work, and yet it doesn’t. While not actively bad to watch, there’s also not a lot of joy to be found on the screen. Bryne and Haddish have proven their comedic skills in female-driven hits like Bridesmaids and Girls Trip respectively, so it’s hard to place any blame on them. Actually, everyone in the cast seems to be trying their best to deliver this story that arrived already on life support. This includes Hayek performing as an almost cartoon-like supervillain. In the end, though, there just doesn’t seem to be much worth saving. Claire is able to sabotage Mel and Mia’s friendship with so much ease that you have trouble rooting for their ultimate reunion.

I want to root for this movie. I want to be able to say it’s the perfect girls’ night out flick. Like A Boss isn’t breaking any new ground. It’s not a feminist film. Although we desperately need more female-centric films, this one just doesn’t deliver. Everyone in this movie deserves better. That includes the people sitting in the theater. If you really need a 90-minute escape from reality, just rent Girls Trip or Bridesmaids again.

About Like A Boss

Best friends Mia and Mel (Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne) are living their best lives running their own cosmetics company they’ve built from the ground up. Unfortunately, they’re in over their heads financially, and the prospect of a big buyout offer from a notorious titan of the cosmetics industry Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) proves too tempting to pass up, putting Mel and Mia’s lifelong friendship in jeopardy. The beauty business is about to get ugly. LIKE A BOSS also stars Billy Porter, Jennifer Coolidge, Ari Graynor, Natasha Rothwell, Jessica St. Clair and Karan Soni.

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