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Liquid Leaf Pumpkins


Gold Leafed PumpkinsAllow me to introduce you to my new love: liquid leaf. If you have a fondness for metallics, you’ll need to add a few bottles to your craft stash. That is, if you haven’t already beaten me to this obsession. You get coverage and shine that are impossible to replicate with any craft or spray paint.

Liquid LeafI picked up a bottle of gold, but I’ll be back for the brass and the silver and whatever other colors they have. The bottles are small, but a little goes a long way!

Pumpkins on SticksI had a few pumpkins and gourds left over from my Halloween projects. Fall and Harvest decor is not really my thing, so I thought I’d sacrifice them to the cause of Liquid Leaf experimentation. One of my favorite painting tricks is to use a stick or skewer whenever possible to get all the way around the project on each coat. It worked beautifully on the craft pumpkins, which were made with a Styrofoam base.

Liquid Leaf One Coat

One coat gave amazing coverage. I did go for a second coat to hit any spots I missed the first time.

I love my new liquid leaf pumpkins! I also have some tips if it's your first time using liquid leaf. A few tips for using Liquid Leaf:

  • Use a soft-bristle paint brush. I used an inexpensive brush that I could throw away when I was finished.
  • Make sure your area is well-ventilated. The paint does have a strong smell, but it dissipates quickly.
  • Avoid the desire to go over any area more than once. It’s better to do a quick second coat after you’ve given it at least an hour of dry time.
  • Cover your work area. The paint is difficult to remove if you spill or drip.


Golden Leafed PumpkinI have a feeling I will gild at the things this Christmas! For now, I’m super excited with how cute my liquid leaf pumpkins came out!

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