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Made-To-Measure Wall Murals

This post about custom, made-to-measure wall murals is sponsored by Wallsauce.

While watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix, I became totally obsessed with Lara Jean’s room. Have you seen it? There’s this totally amazing turquoise and floral mural on one wall that I absolutely and totally love. (There’s also what appears to be origami paper plastered on another wall, and I’m in love with that, too. It’s another post for another day…) My obsession with her room and that wall lead me to a shocking place: I might actually want a wall mural in my bedroom. After growing up kind of hating wall paper, I’m just as surprised as you are.

Custom Wall Murals

Of course these wall murals are nothing like the 80s wallpaper I grew up with. Enter Wallsauce. They bring boring walls to life with their custom murals. You can choose from their library of images or create something totally custom by uploading your own design. I once hand-painted a floral mural for my niece’s nursery and it took forever. Ordering from Wallsauce would have been so much easier!

Have the perfect wall looking for a mural of its own? Want to know where to start? The first step is measuring the wall. Select your design from Wallsauce or upload your own image. Once you’ve entered your dimensions you’ll be able to crop the design to fit your space, ensuring you get exactly the mural you want. After you order, your new mural will arrive in as little as three days. Wallsauce ships worldwide and there’s no cost for shipping in the US. Discount Code

Whether you’re looking for something floral, abstract, graphic or whimsical, Wallsauce has the perfect design for you. Ready to order your own custom wall mural? Visit and use ASTHEBUNNYHOPS for 10% off all made-to-measure wall murals.

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