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Make Your Own Avengers Tattoos (Plus Avengers Coloring Pages!)

DIY Avengers TattoosGetting invited to attend the Avengers Event meant an Avengers-themed craft. I just had to decide which one! Then I remembered that Silhouette had sent me some tattoo paper ages ago that was still unused. And then I remembered that the printer HP sent me was only getting used for contacts, which was totally boring. Avengers tattoos it is! I used the official Avengers movie poster as well as some cute Avengers Kawaii images I found online.

Make your own Avengers Tattoos at home!Making tattoos is easier than I thought! Just take the special paper and print our your designs. Make sure you print on the GLOSSY side of the paper. Remember you’ll need to mirror anything that has text on it so that it appears correctly when the tattoo is applied. Don’t worry when you print if things look a little cracked-it’s still going to turn out just fine when the tattoo is applied.

If you have a Silhouette, you’ll want to add registration marks in your designer before you start placing your images. Those are what let the machine “read” your paper and cut in the appropriate places. If you don’t have a Silhouette, you can still do this-you’ll just need to cut out the designs by hand. Just throw your images in whatever word processing program you use.
Make your own Avengers Tattoos at home!

Once you’ve printed your images and the ink is dry, it’s time to apply the adhesive sheets. There’s a little strip you peel off the top to get  you started. Apply the adhesive sheet starting at the top and then remove the rest of the backing, smoothing as you go down. It’s sort of like applying contact paper to something. Once that’s done, smooth out any bubbles with a credit or gift card.

Now it’s time to cut. If you have a Silhouette you’ll just need to play around with the trace settings until you get a good outer edge trace. If you’re cutting by hand make sure you cut as close to the edge as possible for the best results.

To apply the tattoos just peel away the clear plastic layer to expose the adhesive. Place the adhesive on the skin and cover with a wet cloth for 10-15 seconds. Peel back and you’re done! Tattoos should last for about a day.

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Make your own Avengers Tattoos at home!

Thanks to Laura and Dawn for providing some tattoo models once they got home from our trip!

Avengers Coloring PagesBut wait, there’s more! Want easy Avengers fun at home? Just print out these cool coloring pages!

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