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{Makeup Monday} Permanent Makeup Before and After

Earlier in the year I had several permanent makeup procedures done. This always leads to tons of questions about the process and the results.

One of the first things I’m usually asked is if it works if your eyebrows are thin from over-tweezing. The lady who performed my eyebrow tattooing said it was actually a little strange working on someone with so much hair. She said most of her customers for eyebrows had little to no hair. (I was having the tattooing done because of the sparse areas on the inside corners of my brows.)

The procedure did not hurt. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I wasn’t in pain. My tattooist used several types of numbing medication, one she applied before the procedure and one she actually put in the ink during the procedure. Immediately after I was swollen. I also had to wear ointment on the area for a week.

Towards the end of the healing process things were starting to look more natural.
Most people who have eyebrows and lips tattooed with need some form of touch up. It’s a good idea to ask before you make an appointment if this is included. (My tattooist included one touch up with each procedure.) I lost a fair amount of the color in several areas of my eyebrows. When getting my eyebrows touched up I also had my upper eyeliner done. I had previously had my lower eyeliner applied by a different person. I was not as happy with the process for my lower eyeliner. There was bruising and a fair amount of pain. My upper eyeliner was painless with no bruising. I think that is absolutely related to who did the procedure and their pain management techniques. All cosmetic tattoos result in some swelling. The eyeliner swelling lasted just over one day.
Full healing after each procedure and touch up took about one week. Your results in one week should be what you can expect to maintain. 

Your eyebrows will still needs maintenance like tweezing and trimming. Tweezerman sent me these super adorable striped mini slant tweezers and unbreakable mix ‘n match runway print mirror to try out. Both are available at Sephora. Tweezerman tweezers have always been a favorite of mine-and the mini tweezers are perfect for on the go. I’ve also kept the mirror in my purse for weeks and it’s still in tact. When they say unbreakable I think they mean it!

Have any questions about permanent makeup? Let me know and I’ll be happy to share details about my experience!

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