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{Makeup Monday} Stained Glass Nails


I do my nails every Friday night and now that I’ve mastered the gel manicure I’m ready to explore some fun nail art looks. When the topic of color blocking was mentioned I immediately thought of Mondrian’s artwork. Instead of the signature red, yellow and blue, however, I had my own ideas…

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri products and Nail Art Pens are perfect for the looks I have in mind. One of the reasons I like gel polish so much, in addition to the long wear, is the instant drying time. I have smudged more manicures than I could count. Thanks to Insta-Dri that’s not a concern! I’ve heard that the Insta-Dri products can be a bit fussy but with a little practice that wasn’t an issue. The brush was a bit wider than I am used to using and the polish is a bit thicker. Once you practice a bit, though, it’s easy to use. I was able to find everything I needed at Walgreens. (And score Balance Reward points!)

I actually have a relatively new DIY gel manicure, but because it’s a light color I can do my nail art on top. When I’m tired of the nail art I can use a non-acetone remover and my gel polish will still be there in perfect condition.

One of my favorite DIY manicure tips? Petroleum jelly! Apply a little around your nail beds and you’ll moisturize and help clean up the mess when the polish gets on your skin. (I’m not going to bother saying “if” because I know with me it’s going to happen…)

I just needed to pick four fun spring colors for this stained glass look. (I think I might try this one day with the real Mondrian style of primary blue, red and yellow!)

Start with stripes.

Then add the next two colors, trying to keep them staggered rather than lining them up evenly.

And see? Told you I would have a mess. I used the black and pearl nail art pens to outline my design. I then applied the Insta-Dry top coat while everything was still a bit wet to smudge the look. (That helps achieve the stained glass look.)

I was then able to wipe off most of the extra polish around my nails. If any polish is being stubborn just soak your hands in cold water for a few minutes and it should come right off. Extra polish on the cuticles comes off easily with a cuticle trimmer. And total photo fail here! The smudging and iridescence of the pearl nail art pen were perfect for helping me achieve the stained glass look I wanted. In the photo they just look like I made a mess. I promise…it was really cute in real life!
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