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Meal Planning For Weight Loss Made Easy

This Meal Planning for Weight Loss post is sponsored by PlateJoy.

PlateJoy Meals ScreenshotI’m one of those people who find myself eating the same thing over and over because I’m just not that good at thinking up new ideas of what to cook. That’s especially true when I’m trying to stick to a fairly low carb diet.

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Meal Planning for Weight Loss

That’s where PlateJoy comes in. PlateJoy gives you the tools and support you need to reach your weight loss goals, including personalized meal plans and fitness tracking in one easy app.

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When signing up, you can select an eating plan that’s a perfect fit for you. Choose from low carb, low sodium, keto, paleo, weight loss, food allergies, vegetarian, vegan and more. You can also choose the exact number of meals you need. GIving intermittent fasting a try? Just tell the app you need fewer meals that week.

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You’ll get a selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options for each meal plan that are smartly paired to reduce waste.

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The shopping list is where some real magic happens. Update it with what you already have in your pantry and you’ll get a list of exactly what you need. Don’t feel like going to the store? No problem. Send everything over to Instacart and let someone else do the shopping for you.

PlateJoy is more than just meal plans for weight loss and handy shopping lists. You’ll also get a virtual coach who helps keep you accountable as you work towards your goals. You’ll also have one handy place to track your fitness and weight loss. It’s easily accessible on the go thanks to the handy app. If you’re at risk for Type 2 diabetes, your insurance might cover PlateJoy for free, along with a free digital scale and FitBit.

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Meal planning for Weight Loss is easy with the PlateJoy app's customizable menus, shopping lists and activity tracking. Save $10 with code ASTHEBUNNYHOPS.

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