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Metallic Polka Dot Flower Pot

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Polka Dot Pot

Last month I attended a conference and shared a table at lunch with a lovely lady who ran a gardening blog. I joked about my tendency to kill all green things, and I could tell it broke her heart just a little. She told me that she was certain I could successfully grow plants, I just needed a bit of practice. I’m going to try to prove her right…but I’m also going to make cute things along the way, like this metallic polka dot flower pot. That way even if the plant dies, I’ll still have the cute flower pot to show for it.

Gold Pot

To make your own metallic polka dot flower pot you’ll need:

  • A Terracotta Pot
  • Metallic Spray Paint
  • Foil Transfer Sheets
  • Glue Dots

Start by giving your terracotta pot a metallic finish with spray paint. Terracotta takes spray paint really well, so it’s one of the easier spray paint projects you can try.


Foil transfer sheets are one of my new obsessions. Choose a foil that will coordinate with your spray paint to create the polka dots.

Foil Polka Dots

Cover your pot with strategically placed glue dots and then apply the foil. Press the foil transfer sheet over the glue dot, then remove. It’s really that simple.

Polka Dot Pot Finished

It’s a fairly fool-proof project, but…if you do goof, the glue spots will peel off and you can give it another shot! Depending on where you’ll be using the pot, consider giving the whole thing a good coat of sealer to protect the finish.

Gold and Copper Polka Dot Pot

After that, your pot is ready to use. Just find a pretty plant to re-pot or pick out the seeds you want to grow.

Clorox 2

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Metallic Polka Dot Flower Pot Pin

Ready to start on your own gardening adventure? Remember these tips:

  • Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, you can have fun in the garden by making fun and decorative pots for the things you’re growing!
  • Start small-don’t plant a whole garden all at once. Focus on a few plants until you get the hang of how to take care of them.
  • Ask for help! Everyone has a friend of family member who knows how to make things grow-bring them on board for a helping hand and tips.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a mess. Whatever you do to your clothes, Clorox 2® can help you clean them up!

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