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Mini Heart-Shaped Pizzas

With National Pizza Day and Valentine’s Day just five days apart from each other, it felt like the perfect excuse to make mini heart-shaped pizzas! This is a kid-friendly pizza recipe that’s easy to customize. That means no fighting over what toppings to order because everyone can have exactly what they want on their heart-shaped pizza!

When is National Pizza Day?

Get your ovens ready: National Pizza Day is celebrated every year on February 9th.

Heart shaped pizzas with pepperoni on top with the words Easy Heart-Shaped Pizzas.

Mini Heart-Shaped Pizzas

To make your own mini pizzas, you’ll need:

  • Refrigerated pizza dough
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Slized Mozzarella
  • Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters
  • Your Favorite Toppings

How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizza

Start by rolling out your refrigerated pizza dough. If you don’t have a rolling pin you can press it out by hand. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out individual hearts from the dough.

Pizza dough cut into hearts and lightly browned in the oven.

Follow the instructions on the dough you purchased, but it will most likely say that you should pre-bake for a few minutes before adding sauce and toppings.

Tip: Take your leftover dough and twist it into knots. Coat with a little garlic butter for some tasty garlic knots!

Lightly baked pizza dough, shaped like a heart, with pizza sauce spread over it.

Once your dough hearts are pre-baked, remove them from the oven and add a spoon of pizza sauce to each heart.

Pizza dough with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on top, ready to be baked.

Cut hearts out of the sliced mozzarella to place on top of your pizza sauce. Finish by adding your favorite pizza toppings. (If you love pepperoni, mini pepperoni work well for this recipe.

Mini, heart-shaped pizzas with pepperoni.

Bake your mini heart pizzas according to the directions on your pizza dough, then enjoy your special pizza night with the family!

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