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Get Ready For Halloween With A Minnie Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket

The supplies listed in this Minnie Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket post include affiliate links. Don’t forget to visit my master list of Disney Halloween crafts!

Minnie Mouse Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket with yellow background.

One of my favorite Halloween projects is my Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Wreath. That cute little pumpkin was the inspiration for this Halloween-ready Minnie Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket. And just because I’m extra, I made it in a glittery version, too!

If you’re new to resin, check out my Resin 101 post first.

Minnie Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket

Minnie Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket


  • Orange and Green Extra Fine Glitter OR Orange, Green and White Alcohol Ink
  • Orange and Yellow Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Resin
  • Super Glue OR UV Resin



    1. Mix resin according to instructions.
    2. For the glittery PopSocket, separate your resin into two cups and mix with a generous amount of green glitter in one, orange glitter in the other.
    3. For the solid PopSocket, separate your resin into two cups and mix with a few drops of orange alcohol ink in one, green alcohol ink in the other. Add a drop or two of white to add a touch of opacity to the resin.
    4. Add the green resin to the bow cavity of the mold and the orange resin in the mouse head cavity of the mold.
    5. Allow the resin to cure overnight.
    6. Carefully remove mouse and bow from the mold. Sand or cut off any rough edges, if necessary.
    7. Dome the back of the mouse head and allow the resin to sit for a few hours. You can find full details on how to dome in my Resin 101 post.
    8. Carefully place the PopSocket on the back of the mouse head. As long as you have waited a few hours the resin should be tacky enough to keep the PopSocket from shifting around. You will want to keep an eye on this to make sure it doesn't move.
    9. Allow resin to cure overnight.
    10. Apply orange pumpkin stripes cut from vinyl to the mouse head by hand.
    11. Use transfer tape to add the jack-o-lantern face cut from yellow vinyl to the front of the mouse head.
    12. Use superglue or UV resin to attach the bow to the top of the mouse head.
    13. Carefully dome the top of the mouse head and bow.
    14. Allow resin to cure overnight.
    15. Your PopSocket is ready to use!

You will need to use a digital cutter for this project, as the vinyl is a little too intricate to cut by hand. Don’t have one? Ask around-I’m sure you have a friend with a Cricut or Silhouette who would be willing to help you out!

Pumpkin stripes cut pattern for PopSocket

There are various sizes of Minnie Mouse Molds, which I discuss in my Snow White PopSocket post. You’ll want to size your vinyl cuts according to the mold you use. The fun part about the pumpkin stripes is that you can actually apply these by hand-no transfer tape needed! Since pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, you don’t want to place these too evenly on your resin.

Jack-O-Lantern face cut pattern for PopSocket.

You’ll want to cut the Jack-O-Lantern face out of yellow vinyl and use transfer tape to apply it to your project since this should be a little more precise.

Minnie Mouse Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket with yellow background.

Whether you go for the glittery or the solid version, this Minnie Mouse Jack-O-Lantern is one of the cutest PopSockets I’ve seen!

Minnie Mouse Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket on retro phone case with yellow background.

As a matter of fact, it’s so cute it’s the one on my phone as we speak. Don’t need a PopSocket? The same instructions will work to create an adorable badge reel or magnet, too!

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Halloween is around the corner! Get ready with an adorable DIY Minnie Mouse Jack-O-Lantern PopSocket! Get the details on this fun Disney craft at As The Bunny Hops!
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