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Your Movie Streaming Guide For the Week of March 5 – 11, 2023

Streaming platforms aren’t dropping the big guns for the week leading up to the Oscars, but there are a few new options for your next movie night.

Next Exit

Stream the sci-fi comedy on Hulu.

After humanity confirms the existence of an afterlife, a research scientist launches a study in which volunteers commit painless suicide. Travelling from New York to San Francisco, two strangers share a rental car as they go to end their lives.

Spoonful Of Sugar

You’ll find this thriller on Shudder.

A disturbed babysitter experiences a sexual awakening while using LSD to treat a seemingly sick child from a family with dark secrets.

Triangle of Sadness

Catch the award-winning black comedy on Hulu.

Carl and Yaya, a couple of influencers, are invited to a luxury cruise ship alongside a group of out of touch wealthy people. The situation takes an unexpected turn when a brutal storm hits the ship.

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