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Over 30 Of The Best Live-Action Mulan Quotes

Mulan Disney+ Poster

Excited for the new live-action Mulan? Here are over 30 of the best quotes from the film!

The Best Quotes From Mulan

There have been many tales of the great warrior Mulan, ancestors, but this is mine. -Hua Zhou

Mulan, take control of yourself. -Hua Li

Don’t panic. There is a spider crawling in your hair. -Mulan

A daughter brings honor through marriage. -Hua Li

Chi is for warriors, not daughters. -Hua Zhou

The matchmaker has found you an auspicious match. -Hua Li

I will bring honor to us all. -Mulan

The fiercest winter wind could not destroy this makeup. -Mulan

Matchmaker scene from Mulan live-action.

Dishonor to the family Hua. They have failed to raise a good daughter. -Matchmaker

I am blessed with two daughters. I will fight. -Hua Zhou

Beautiful tool for terrible work. -Hua Zhou

There is no courage without fear. -Hua Zhou

To hide amongst them then she must become one of them. -Hua Zhou

It is forbidden to use the chi in destructive ways.

Xian Lang in Mulan.

Not witch. Warrior. -Xian Lang

We’re gonna make men out of every single one of you. -Sergeant Qiang

You idiot. Now everyone sees. You must hide your chi. -Mulan

You can turn your back on me, but when the time comes do not turn your back on them. -Chen Honghui

Bori Khan and Xian Lang in Mulan.

If gold is not enough I will give you blood. -Bori Khan

Your chi is powerful, Hua Jun, why do you hide it? -Commander Tung

Loyal, brave, true.

You will die pretending to be something you’re not. -Xian Lang

Merge your path with mine. We will be stronger together. -Xian Lang

I know my place, and it is my duty to protect my kingdom and fight for the Emperor. -Mulan

Your loyalty and bravery are without question. -Commander Tung

5th Battalion in Mulan.

When employed correctly, four ounces can move one thousand pounds. -Mulan

I believe Hua Mulan. -5th Battalion

One warrior knows another. You were always there, yet I see you for the first time. -Hua Zhou

It is my daughter who means everything to me. -Hua Zhou

Emperor in Mulan.

I will kill this Commander Tung like I did his father: with my own hands. -Emperor

Your deceit weakens you. It poisons your chi. – Xian Lang

Rise up. You are a mighty warrior. Rise up like a phoenix. -Emperor

Devotion to family is an essential virtue. -Emperor

A woman leads their army and she’s no scorned dog. -Xian Lang

Take your place, Mulan. -Xian Lang

Mulan battle scene.

You told me my journey was impossible, yet here I stand. -Mulan

Excited for the new live-action Mulan? Here are over 30 of the best quotes from the film!
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