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My Top Ten Crafty Necessities

 Everyone has their favorite crafty tools…here are my top ten!
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, Washi Tape
 At the moment Washi Tape is really rocking my world. The fun colors, the ease of use…you can do pretty much anything with Washi Tape. (If you’re unfamiliar, Washi Tape is fun colored tape that feels and works a bit like painters tape.)
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, Spray Paint, Valspar
 It’s scary how many things in my home have been covered in spray paint. I have a particular fondness for iron, so flat black spray paint is a DIY staple. There is a difference in the quality of  paint, so depending on the project I can go for the very cheap or the very expensive.
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, Sharpies
 I’m obsessed with office supplies, so it’s no wonder I love Sharpies. Sharpies keep finding their way into my crafting, too. The ultra fine point markers are perfect for detail work and lettering.
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, X-ACTO, cutting, pink, designer series
 When you’re a crafter at some point you’ll to need to cut something. My X-ACTO knife gets used on an almost daily basis for those cuts. It’s easy to use and as an added bonus…it’s pink!
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, Elmer's Painters
 If you’re a regular reader of my blog you already know how much I love Elmer’s Painters. These acrylic paint markers can be used on almost anything! I even use them for household touch ups. (Great for nicks in paint finishes!)
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, Stitch Witchery
 I know how to sew. Sort of. I have a machine and I can do straight lines. But honestly, I hate dragging it out and trying to remember how to load the bobbin. That’s why I love Stitch Witchery. I made an entire costume once using this fusible fabric binding. All you need is an iron! It’s also great when you want to add a decorative ribbon accent to a project. (I just used it to add ribbon to my laundry room valence!)
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, Duct Tape, Colored Duct Tape, Duck Brand
 The first time I saw specialty duct tape it was love at first sight. Growing up with an engineer/contractor dad, duct tape was already a crafting staple. Now I could do things beyond the flat gray. As a bonus, duct tape crafts are some of the quickest I’ve ever tried!
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, ribbon
 When in doubt, add ribbon. I love ribbon and use it for so many things. I’ve updated lampshades, jazzed up my curtains. Ribbon is even a great way to hide a goof on a project. 
Elmer's, School Glue, Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies
School glue has about a million and one uses. (Go check Pinterest…I’ll be right here when you get back!) Your basic white glue has moved beyond school day collage work and is now the star of everything from paper beads to homemade decoupage. 
Craft Projects, DIY, Top Ten, Supplies, Rub 'n Buff, leaf, finish, metallic
If you’re never tried Rub ‘n Buff you’re in for a treat. This rub on metallic leaf is so easy to use. Just apply with a tissue, buff with another tissue. (OK, I end up using my fingers to apply this all the time, which makes a total mess. Bonus tip: baby wipes are the best at getting the leaf off of your hands.) The metallic finish you get with Rub ‘n Buff is unlike any other product I’ve seen!

So what have I left off the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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