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The Never-ending Craft Room Project

My house came with a bonus closet. (It actually came with many closets…nine in total. I’m not complaining.) The living room has an attached closet that’s large enough to turn into an office. Or in my case an office and craft room. I’m pretty excited about it.

Except, it’s one of those projects. You know the ones. They never end. You make a little progress. You move backwards. And repeat. Like all of my craft supply storage? Both shelves are actually in the room. I just can’t access them half of the time because there’s so much blocking the way. (I guess it’s still a closet and not an office/craft room until I finish clearing it out.)

Craft Room DeskAnd my fabulous desk and chair? They’re both in the living room for the moment because they won’t fit until I remove one of the closet shelves.

Snow DayEnter the snow day. The snow day has become the official “let’s get this done” project day. Stay tuned…there’s an end in sight!

Are you stuck at home because of the weather? How are you taking advantage of your snow day?



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