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Nine Adorable Rainbow Gifts (With Just A Touch Of Unicorn)

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Rainbow Gifts

Do you know a rainbow lover? Maybe you’re the one who can’t get enough of those light spectrums? Whatever the case, I have 9 cute rainbow gifts that are sure to bring big smiles! Rainbow Studs

Sterling silver rainbow studs will make sure you have a little color with you wherever you go.

Rainbow Unicorn Emoji Pillow

This Rainbow Unicorn Emoji Pillow is basically too cute to use as a pillow. But it should still join you for your next nap.

Rainbow Socks

Colorful rainbow socks are sure to make you smile, even if you’re the only one who knows you’re wearing them.

Rainbow Skechers

Rainbow Skechers pretty much guarantee you’ll have the happiest feet in town.

My Life Is A Rainbow Tank

This Finding Dory-inspired tank will let everyone know just how colorful your life really is.

Rainbow Nightlight

There’s no reason to let babies have all the fun. Light your way with this adorable rainbow nightlight.

Rainbow Handbag

You’ll be a ray of sunshine-or at least some refracted light-everywhere you go with this rainbow handbag.

Rainbow Unicorn Phone Case

Go ahead. Just try to take a serious selfie when you have this Rainbow Unicorn phone case.

Rainbow Projector

Of course the ultimate gift for the rainbow lover is an actual rainbow. And that’s just what you can give with this rainbow projector!

Nine Adorable Unicorn Gifts

They’re all so fun, I’m not sure which rainbow gift is my favorite! (Just kidding…the rainbow unicorn emoji pillow shall be mine!)

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