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No-Carve Disney Princess Pumpkins

Visit my master list of pumpkins for tons of no-carve Halloween inspiration!

No Carve Princess Pumpkins
I have some kid-friendly Disney Princess Pumpkin ideas for Cinderella, Tiana, Elsa and Rapunzel. They’re easy and inexpensive to make. Make them with craft pumpkins and you can reuse your princess pumpkins for years to come!

Disney Princess Pumpkin Supplies

To make your princess pumpkins, all you need are:

  • Pumpkins (real or craft)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Crystal glitter paint
  • Embellishments Painted Pumpkins

It will take a few coats of acrylic craft paint to get full coverage on your pumpkins. You can use a foam or regular paint brush for painting. Once they’re fully coated, give them each a coat of crystal glitter paint. Crystal glitter will allow the colors of your painted pumpkins to show through so you’ll only need one bottle of paint for all of your pumpkins.

Rapunzel Pumpkin

Tangled PumpkinTangled is one of my favorite movies, and this Rapunzel pumpkin wins the award for easiest to make. Once you’ve painted your pumpkin purple and added your glitter coat, all that’s needed are some pink rhinestone stripes. I used a sheet of adhesive pink rhinestones. You can usually find these in the scrapbooking section of your craft store. Just cut out the stripes and use the grooves of the pumpkin as your guide. Easy peasy. Christmas FlowerThere’s a reason why it’s a good thing that Christmas decorations show up early in craft stores. Sometimes you need them for your Halloween ideas!

Tiana Pumpkin

Tiana Pumpkin

If you have a little The Princess and the Frog fan, they can help with most of the Tiana pumpkin. Just paint your pumpkin a light yellow and add the glitter coat. To create the green leaf skirt, deconstruct a light green, sparkly Christmas decoration. Hot glue will hold the leaves in place-that’s the only part that needs an adult handy.

Elsa Pumpkin

Elsa Pumpkin

Your Elsa pumpkin needs a coat of light blue paint, a coat of crystal glitter and a liberal application of snowflake scrapbooking stickers. There’s no such thing as too many snowflake stickers on this pumpkin.

Cinderella Pumpkin

Easy to make no-carve Disney Princess Pumpkins featuring Rapunzel, Tiana, Elsa and Cinderella!

I took inspiration from the live action Cinderella movie for her pumpkin. Mostly because I can’t get enough of these butterflies I found in the scrapbooking section of my craft store.

A pumpkin painted blue, glittered up and covered in butterflies is all you need for instant Cinderella. These particular butterflies were not stickers, so hot glue was needed to attach them to the pumpkin. But hey, if you can find butterfly stickers, that makes this one 100% kid friendly, too!

Easy to make no-carve Disney Princess Pumpkins featuring Rapunzel, Tiana, Elsa and Cinderella!

If I didn’t make your favorite princess in pumpkin form, never fear. Just use these ideas as a jumping off point. All you really need to remember is paint-glitter-embellish. Hit up the scrapbooking aisle of your favorite craft store. You’re sure to find inspiration!

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Try these easy to make no-carve Disney Princess Pumpkins featuring Rapunzel, Tiana, Elsa and Cinderella! Visit As The Bunny Hops for details and a ton of Disney Halloween DIY inspiration! !

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