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Office Gallery Wall: A Closer Look

From closet to craft room...and mini home office! #KleenexStyle #adI shared the “almost done” of my new office/craft room/closet a few weeks ago, but I didn’t spend much time on the gallery wall. I wanted to give it a closer look since it’s pretty much my favorite part of the room. None of this was planned. You know those people who carefully map out every inch of a gallery wall? That’s sooooo not me. I found things I liked. I hung them on the wall. That’s really all there was to it. I have a few more spaces to fill in. That’s the great thing about a gallery wall. More is more. And it gives me a reason to make things and shop.Office Gallery WallI’ve given myself a few millllllllion places to take notes because you never know when inspiration will strike. Or when I’ll really need to doodle to calm my mind. This cute chalkboard owl is just adhesive vinyl on the wall. I actually have chalkboard vinyl, so I could totally make my own with my Silhouette. This one, however, was purchased. The little tin hooked to the wall is actually an outdoor candle holder. In the office it’s serving as chalk storage. Office Gallery WallThere was a whole lot of spraying going on when this office was in progress. The shelf used to be black, but a coat of tropical blue spray paint gave it a new life. It’s now holding my prized collection of Wizard of Oz Happy Meal toys. Yes. Having a prized collection of Wizard of Oz Happy Meal toys is totally normal. Office Gallery WallI’ve never been able to part with my badges from events. The heart shaped card holder started out antique white but got a coat of orange spray paint. If I ever make it through the boxes and bags of things I pulled out of the closet I’ll have a few dozen more badges to add. The “wine a little” sign didn’t start out life with intentions of being hung on the wall. It’s resting on a nail, but it’s staying in place thanks to little bits of poster adhesive in each corner. You know the stuff…you used it to hang your posters on the dorm walls in college.

Office Gallery WallAnd my favorite part of my favorite part of my office is this little area. The hot pink magnet board was actually that color when I bought it. I did, however, remove a tragic zebra print ribbon before hanging. The tree print is a signed piece from one of my favorite artists. You can even see my “great day” chalkboard peeking out of the top here.

The space is still a work in progress. I’ll check back in when my new light is up!

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