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Olaf Themed FROZEN Fun Movie Night

Small CB DisclosureFROZEN Olaf Themed Movie Night #FROZENFun #shop

I saw a sneak preview of FROZEN before it was released in theaters. They gave me a comment card to fill out and I said that Olaf stole the show.  He was so cute, so sweet, so adorable. I wanted my own plush Olaf immediately. (And I’m STILL looking for a plush Olaf.)

Just like Olaf, I’m so cute, so sweet, so adorable. (I kid, I kid.) But seriously, I had no clue just how similar to Olaf I really was until there was a little thing called the Polar Vortex. You see, I live in North Carolina. It’s the south. We’re not supposed to have crazy winter weather. Yet the winter rages on. It’s officially spring and yet they say it might snow next week. What the heck?

“Oh, I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot…”

Me, too, Olaf. Me, too. I suppose while we’re waiting for things to finally thaw we can at least enjoy a fun FROZEN movie night, right?

Start with a trip to Walmart to pick up your FROZEN supplies. (Or, if you’re like me, just buy ALL THE THINGS.)

Frozen Friends Collection

After unsuccessfully hunting for an Elsa doll, I knew I had to pick up the FROZEN Friends Collection. In addition to Elsa, you get Anna, Olaf and Sven. It’s also a Walmart exclusive. Anna and Elsa Dress Up #FROZENFun #shop

FROZEN dress up? Totally mandatory. I picked up Anna and Elsa dresses. (That Elsa dress is hard to find!)Frozen Travel Trunk

But THEN I saw the FROZEN Travel Trunk. It has an Anna Dress, an Elsa Dress, a storage trunk and a ton of accessories. So I bought it. (In addition to the other dresses. I told you…ALL THE THINGS.) Olaf's Frozen Kiddie Coolers

A movie night’s gotta have snacks. I made Olaf’s Frozen Kiddie Coolers by blending up Pina Colada mix with ice. (Just skip the rum.) Serve in clear plastic cups that have been Olaf’ied with googly eyes and paint pens. Glue dots are perfect for attaching the eyes. Don’t have paint pens? Use permanent markers-they’ll work as well.
Chocolate Olaf Lollipops from Frozen #FrozenFun #shop

These white chocolate Olaf lollipops are easy to make. Just use white, black and orange candy melts. Heat the melts over a double boiler and then spoon the melts into a mini squeeze bottle. Place a candy stick on a baking mat or piece of parchment paper. Use the bottle to pipe the Olaf lollipops. The shapes are all so easy, you can totally do this by hand.Frozen at Walmart #FROZENFun #shop

You can’t have a movie night without the movie, right? While you’re picking up your supplies don’t forget to pick up FROZEN on DVD. It’s out now! It’s also only $14.96. (That’s a $2 price drop!) Look for more savings on boxes of specially marked 24 count Eggo Waffles-there’s a $5 off offer for the DVD.

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