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On The Set Of Walk The Prank

Thank you to Disney for sponsoring my attendance at the #JungleBookEvent!

WALK THE PRANK - Disney Channel's "Walk the Prank" stars Brandon Severs as Dusty, Cody Veith as Chance, Jillian Shea Spaeder as Bailey, Bryce Gheisar as Herman and Tobie Windham as Uncle Will. (Disney XD/Craig Sjodin)

Disney XD/Craig Sjodin

There are few Hollywood images more iconic than the Paramount gates. Getting the chance to visit the Parmmount lot and check in with the cast of Walk The Prank was such a treat. They film on the same stage where Citizen Kane, Ghost, That Girl and My Three Sons were shot. Such a legendary place!

Did you catch Walk The Prank‘s premiere episode? We got a sneak peek before we met with the cast. That meant we were able to ask Tobie Windham-who plays Will-important questions, like how he really felt about Zayn leaving One Direction. (The answer? He’s more of an NSYNC fan.) And if this makes no sense to you, make sure find out when episode one is playing again so you’ll be all caught up.

Walk The Prank Set

Disney XD/Tony Rivetti

Walk The Prank is a mix of scripted comedy with real, hidden camera pranks. I loved the haunted house and the baby costume pranks from the first episode…but I hear the pranks get even crazier. At least that’s the word from Cody Veith, who plays Chance. He said his favorite prank will show up in the tenth episode.

Tobie said that it was important to remember that all of the pranks were done in good fun, never to be mean. His way of checking in after each prank was to go in for a high five. A successful high five was a good sign that the prank victim was ready to laugh.

Walk The Prank Set VIsit

Disney XD/Tony Rivetti

We had far too little time in Uncle Will’s Joke Shop, which is one of the coolest television sets I’ve seen. I think we could have had a field day playing in that room. Take a peek in the upper right corner and you’ll spot the “dog” who made an appearance in one of the premiere episode pranks.

Walk The Prank Robot

Disney XD/Tony Rivetti

And a visit to the Walk The Prank set wouldn’t be complete without a little friendly robot dancing competition. (Watch that first episode and you’ll know what we’re talking about.) You can catch all new episodes of Walk The Prank on Disney XD every Wednesday night at 8:30pm.

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