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Over 30 Of The Best Onward Quotes

If you loved Pixar’s Onward, you’ll love these quotes from the film. Warning: there might be mild spoilers ahead!

The best quotes from the movie Onward

Long ago the world was full of wonder. It was full of wonder. It was adventerous, exciting, and best of all there was magic. I hope there’s a little magic left in you.

I’m a mighty warrior. -Laurel Lightfoot

Your birthday’s a day to try new things! -Laurel Lightfoot

There’s a mighty warrior inside of you. You just have to let him out! -Barley Lightfoot

You need to start thinking less about the past and more about the future.

I remember his beard was scratchy, he had a funny laugh, and he used to play drums on his feet. -Barley Lightfoot

New me- Speak more. Learn to drive. Invite people to party. Be like dad. -Ian Lightfoot.

Behold, your chariot awaits! -Barley Lightfoot

In ancient times you celebrated your birthday with a solemn quest. -Barley Lightfoot

I sure do wish I could spend the day with you sometime. -Ian Lightfoot

This is the world’s longest gap year. -Laurel Lightfoot

When your dad got sick, he fought so hard because he wanted to meet you more than anything. -Laurel Lightfoot

I hope there’s a little magic left in you. – Dad

Only once is all we get. Grant me this rebirth. ‘Til tomorrow’s sunset, one day to walk the earth. -Ian Lightfoot (from Dad’s spell)

There’s no top part. I definitely remember dad having a top part. -Barley Lightfoot

Whatever it takes, I’m gonna meet my dad. -Ian Lightfoot

Showing dad your van? That’s your whole list? -Ian Lightfoot

Everything in Quest of Yore is historically accurate. -Barley Lightfoot

Know from your heart spire. -Barley Lightfoot

My days of sending people on dangerous quests are over. -The Manticore

I used to be dangerous and wild. I’m living a lie. What have I become? -The Manticore

On a quest, the clear path is never the right one. -Barley Lightfoot

Last name Manticore. First name The. -The Manticore

Oh, I’m gonna like you. -The Manticore

Is there a magic way to get gas? -Ian Lightfoot

I just need a little break. My baby legs can’t go that fast. -Barley Lightfoot

Put it on O for onward! -Barley Lightfoot

It’s not easy being a new parent. My girlfriend’s kids got me pulling my hair out. -Specter

It’s not fair to call me a screwup if you don’t give me a chance to do something right. -Barley Lightfoot

OK, you fell, was that so bad? -Barley Lightfoot

Hey, you can do this! -Barley Lightfoot

Believe with every step! -Barley Lightfoot

You’re not running from the cops. You’re running from your mom’s boyfriend. -Barley Lightfoot

She was just a beat-up old van. -Barley Lightfoot

You see that, dad? The apprentice has become the master. -Barley Lightfoot

I can’t believe I’m this close to talking to my dad! -Ian Lightfoot

We have followed the quest and it has led us to our victor! -Ian Lightfoot

I never had a dad, but I always had you. -Ian Lightfoot

He always thought his wizard name would be Weldon the Whimsical. -Barley Lightfoot

I think with a little bit of magic in your life, you can do anything. -Ian Lightfoot

I was born to run! -Colt Bronco

About Onward

Set in a suburban fantasy world, Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” introduces two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there. Pixar Animation Studios’ all-new original feature film is directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae—the team behind “Monsters University.” “Onward” releases in theaters on March 6, 2020.

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