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{Recipe} Orange Carpet Freshener for Vacuuming

CB DisclosureAll Natural Orange Carpet Freshener Recipe #EurekaPower #shop

I’m not even going to pretend cleaning is fun. It’s so not. But it doesn’t have to be painful. How about some cool tools to get you started (like the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum) and maybe a fun DIY project (like an orange carpet freshener recipe) to encourage you along? Think we can make vacuuming fun?Carpet Freshener Ingreedients #EurekaPower #shop

So about that recipe: I love things with a nice scent. Of course those scents come with tons of chemicals. Why use toxic and expensive products when you can easily make your own all natural carpet freshener and deodorizer? All you need is a shaker of some sort, a small box of baking soda and a bottle of your favorite essential oil. I love orange, and it’s one of the least expensive oils you can buy. (Cheap girl bonus!)  If you have trouble finding essential oils, check your local vitamin store.

Mixing Carpet Freshener #EurekaPower #shop

Empty the entire box of baking soda into a bowl. Add about 20 drops of essential oil. Mix with a fork until all of the oil is evenly distributed through the baking soda. Spoon the baking soda into a shaker bottle.

All Natural Orange Carpet Freshener #EurekaPower #shopSprinkle it on your carpet and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Then vacuum with  your Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum. That’s it! All of the nasty old smells will be gone, with a light, fresh orange scent left behind. Fun Fact: It can double as an all natural dry shampoo! Eureka AirSpeed All Floors floor controls #EurekaPower #shop

Speaking of the vacuum… The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum really is designed for all floors and surfaces. You can easily adjust the settings for your type of carpet.

Brushroll Control on the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum #EurekaPower #shopTransition seamlessly from carpet to bare floors with the foot pedal control. That means I can head straight from the living room to the kitchen without stopping!

Tools or Floors Control on the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum #EurekaPower #shopThe Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum comes fully loaded with all of the onboard tools. Transition from the floor to the tools by moving the dial located on the side.

Dirty Eureka #EurekaPower #shop

I guess the logical question now is how well does the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum work? Well…umm…that’s from one room. A room that was vacuumed a week ago. That’s kind of disgusting, isn’t it? This vacuum sucks hard-exactly what you want a vacuum to do. It can handle all of your carpet messes with ease. Your bare floor surfaces, too. Basically this vacuum is going to suck so much out of your carpet and off of your floors that you’ll wonder how they got so dirty in the first place. It even got the glitter off of my sofa. Don’t ask me how I got glitter on my sofa. I have no idea. It doesn’t matter, though. The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors got the glitter out. It’s seriously hard to get the glitter out of anything.
Eureka at Walmart #EurekaPower #shop

Not only will you find the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum at Walmart. It’s the only place you’ll find it. It’s less than $100. Tell that $300 vacuum you’d rather spend your extra $200 on shoes. Or glitter. Glitter that you’ll have to get off of your sofa. Don’t worry, though. Your vacuum can handle it.

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