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Peppermint Bark Sugar Cookies

Peppermint Bark Sugar Cookies

My cookie making skills are limited. I can make a cookie that tastes great. I cannot make a cookie that’s beautiful. The best I can hope for is a cookie that looks edible. And I think my peppermint bark sugar cookies fit the bill. They’re easy to make and easy to decorate. You know, since I’m not trying to make them look like a reindeer or something.

Cookies on Rack

I started with  a bag of sugar cookie mix to keep things really easy. (Look for a special display with everything you need in the baking aisle of Food Lion!) I figure if the mix calls for at least one stick of butter, it’s bound to taste good. Plus, it helps take some of the guess work out of the cookie creation process. Just make scoop cookies according to the package directions. An actual cookie scoop will help you get almost uniform cookies. Helpful for the cookie-challenged like me.

Peppermint Bark Cookie Stack

Once your cookies have cooled, melt your favorite chocolate and spoon it on the cookies. (You can use a double boiler or melt it in the microwave at half power.) Top with peppermint candy chips. You can make your own chips by crushing peppermints or candy canes, or take the easy and less messy way out and look for bagged peppermint candy chips in the baking aisle.

Peppermint Bark Sugar Cookies for Christmas

Once the chocolate has set, your cookies are ready to serve. Or to help you spread a little cheer with a holiday surprise.
Peppermint Bark Cookies

Package up your cookies and leave them on a friend or neighbor’s doorstep. You can even download fun printables, grab a coupon and find new recipes to help you “#SpreadCheer” this holiday season!

Cookie Delivery

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