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Tips For A Perfectly Poised Holiday

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Summer with I heart NYI hear complaints about the stress of Christmas and I just don’t get it. Christmas is the best! Presents and parties are fun, and everything looks better when it’s draped in Christmas lights. I’m actually considering draping myself in Christmas lights this year…

So how do you keep your poise this holiday season, when everyone else is being a grinch? It’s a simple matter of planning!

Send those gifts early!

The lines at the post office are never fun, but they only get worse when you get closer to Christmas. We’re already more than a week into December, so hop on over to the post office now. Use their automagical shipping machine in the lobby. The magic comes in from the fact that there are never any lines. As long as your package fits in the little shoot, you’re golden!

No one minds an early gift, either. See Summer above, with her NYC trip-inspired gift. I’m pretty sure she’s almost forgiven me for blogging about our Broadway sprint… Almost.

Use holiday hours!

The best part of holiday shopping is holiday hours. Unless you work in retail, in which case…sorry. Skip the crowds and shop early and late. Just don’t shop in the middle. That’s where things get crazy. Hitting the mall at 10pm means no crowds. And there’s almost never a line for Santa.

Plus there are so many sales! No one will judge you if you pick up a few things just for you. Especially if you don’t tell anyone about it.

Take the help!

If you’re not surrounded by people offering to help during the holidays, you really need a friends and family upgrade. But seriously…how many times have you said, “No” when someone offered to help? Stop that! When people offer to help they’re being sincere. So take it. And if for some reason they weren’t being sincere? Well that will show them when they have to set the table.

Have extras!

The holidays are the perfect time to do a little extra. Have some extra gifts on hand for those unexpected guests. Make a little extra food so you don’t have to worry about running out. If you don’t need the extra gifts? Save them for next year. Have extra food? Hello, leftovers! Save the stress and just do a little more. Doing a little more is actually easier than doing less, just this once.

Be prepared!

The holidays are full of unexpected surprises. Including those that can come along with a laugh or a sneeze. Make sure you’re keeping your poise by keeping Poise liners on hand. No need to use products for LBL that aren’t meant for LBL when Poise has you covered. Poise liners are the better option. Trust me.

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