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Pfister Clarify With Xtract™


If you’ve ever built or purchased your own home, you know-it’s full of compromises. You choose your priorities and attack them as time and budget allows. My kitchen? It’s the next place in my house that is under attack.

There are plenty of things I’m hiring out. My new floors? There was no way I was going to tackle those on my own. And I’m not strong or skilled enough to put in my own countertops. But while I wait for those new countertops? I can still enjoy my new faucet. Because my old faucet? Dated and sad. Nobody loves a sad faucet.

The Pfister Clarify With Xtract™ is a sexy little thing. It also contains  Xtract technology. That means it can filter out some of the gross stuff in your tap water that impact the taste and quality. XTRACT

Oh, and I’m installing it myself. That’s right. No man in sight. Seriously. Like I’ve been on my back under the sink with a wrench and everything. Don’t be shocked. Because you could do this, too.

Stay tuned…I’ll be back with the full details! And cross your fingers I don’t break something…



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