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Printable Glitter Christmas Art

I partnered with Core’dinations Glitter Prints and Blueprint Social to bring you this post. My excitement for printable glitter paper is all my own.

Printable Glitter Christmas Art

Ready to have your mind blown? I bring you : Inkjet Printable Glitter Paper. That’s right. Glittery, mess-free papers that go right in your inkjet printer. Go ahead. Let your mind wander with what you’d make. I’ll be here waiting…

OK, back with me? Good. Now let me talk about what I made.
Glitter Art Supplies

To make printable glitter Christmas art you’ll need:

  • Core’dinations Glitter Prints 4×6 paper
  • Mini canvases
  • Glitter tape
  • Craft glue
  • Brush
  • Inkjet printer

Jingle Bells

I designed a few very simple holiday-themed graphics. Feel free to grab mine or make your own.


And I totally borrowed this idea from a piece I saw at Nordstrom, but since they borrowed it from Jerry Maguire I figured it was OK…

Glitter Printouts

I placed a few sheets of the glitter paper in my inkjet printer. No need to worry about the glitter getting stuck in your printer. The sheets don’t flake. At all. Promise. 

Cut and Glue

After I finished printing, I trimmed up my prints to match the sizes of my mini canvases. Then I used a light layer of craft glue on the back of the print and the canvas to hold it in place. Next up? Decorating the sides of the canvases with a little glitter tape.

Christmas Art

It was just that simple to make a few fun custom pieces of holiday art!

Core’dinations Glitter Prints are now available at Hobby Lobby and Michaels (under Michaels private label) and coming to Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts Stores and A.C. Moore in early 2016!Glitter Christmas Art

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