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“It’s Probably Just Water” Personalized Flask

I’d like to thank Expressions Vinyl for partnering with me to bring you this post!

It's Probably Just Water Flask

Last month while at Snap! Conference, I received a really fun package of vinyl goodies from Expressions Vinyl. That’s also where I got the inspiration for this project. Let me explain…

There were a group of women who had cute glittered water bottles that said “There May Be Vodka Inside”…or something similar. It’s been a month so I might be a smidgen off on the wording. Late at night, over wine, someone mentioned wanting a flask that said it contained water. I thought it was hilarious and promised that a personalized flask would be my next vinyl project. And…I totally can’t remember who it was who said it or I’d give them full credit. And despite the fact that I can’t remember who said that and I can’t remember exactly what the water bottles said…I swear I paid attention while I was at the conference!

Flask and Rubbing Alcohol

I ordered an inexpensive flask online for this project. As with any time I’m working with vinyl, I gave it a spray with rubbing alcohol to make sure the surface was ready.

Glitter Vinyl

For the lettering, I used some very pretty coral glitter vinyl. I always cut out the section of vinyl I’m using before I start to weed so I can save as many scraps for future projects as possible! You can grab my Silhouette cut file here, but since it’s just text, it would be super easy to make your own if you have a preferred font choice.


I use a hook to weed all of the excess vinyl.

Transfer Tape

Then I used transfer tape to apply the vinyl to the flask.

Vinyl Layout

There are literally dozens of tips out there on how to properly line things up. And I’m the worst because I almost always just eye it…

Water Flask

That’s all it takes to make your own personalized flask. Or use the same steps to make your own water bottle. It couldn’t be easier!

It's Probably Just Water Flask

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