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American Girl Mini Tea Cakes

American Girl Mini Tea CakesAmerican GirlOn January 1, American Girl introduced their 2015 Girl of the Year, Grace Thomas. Grace is a avid baker and an entrepreneur. Hey-we have that in common! In addition to the doll and adorable accessories, American Girl also created the For Goodness, Bake! initiative to celebrate Grace’s debut.

1 in 5 children is food insecure. Through a partnership with No Kid Hungry, you can register to host a bake sale in your community. Every dollar raised means 10 meals for those in need. As a special bonus, registered participants will be entered into a sweepstakes with a chance to win American Girl prizes! Ritz BitsTo get you started on your bake sale ideas, I made these kid-friendly and delicious mini tea cakes. We’re using the word “cake” here in the loosest sense of the word…since it’s really just a candy covered peanut butter cracker. But they look like cakes. That means it counts, right? While you can make your own, I saved a step and started with pre-made mini crackers.Tea CakesI heated candy melts in the microwave at half power for a minute at a time until it was smooth and ready for dipping. Then I dipped in the peanut butter crackers and placed them on a piece of parchment paper. Topped with a pre-made cake decoration, they then chilled in the freezer for a few minutes. Can you tell I’m really taking advantage pre-made items here? That makes it easy for the little ones to help. Once the candy is set they’re ready to serve. Grace with Tea CakesThe mini tea cakes are the perfect size for Grace and her friends to enjoy. Just don’t let her have them all. They really are pretty darn tasty, so you’ll want to make sure you save a few for yourself, too! American Girl Place SettingThey’re also prefect for a spontaneous tea party. Maybe you can even have an American Girl Tea Party as part of your bake sale? Get creative, it’s for a great cause!

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