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Cinnamon Roll Heart Kabobs

CB DisclosureCinnamon Roll Heart Kabobs

If food is a love language, I’m fluent in cinnamon rolls. Nothing says “good morning” quite like the smell of cinnamon wafting up from the kitchen. Well…I suppose actually saying “good morning” comes close. Given the choice, however, I’ll choose cinnamon rolls every time. I mean it. Every. Time. And I’m not just saying that because I need to be awake for a solid hour each morning before I’m willing to talk to another human…Pepperidge Farm Sweet RollsCinnamon rolls, in addition to being a way to say “I love you” and “good morning” are also pretty great at letting your crafty side come out. The Pepperidge Farm Sweet Rolls are there for the hacking, just waiting for your creative ideas to spring forth. Plus they come in pretty delicious flavors like apple, pecan caramel, chocolate chip and cherry. We’re using apple today, but you can totally work with whatever flavors are floating  your fancy here. Find them all at Walmart.It's easy and fun to make cinnamon roll heart kabobs! #WarmUpYourDay #adSo how do we make these babies? Crack open those sweet rolls and unroll. Cut each roll into four equal length pieces. Once you’ve done that, shape them into a heart shape and bake. Helpful hint: pinch the end of the heart into a pretty sharp point. They’ll puff up as they bake, and the ones that get a good pinch are the ones that look the best when they come out of the oven. It's easy and fun to make cinnamon roll heart kabobs! #WarmUpYourDay #adNow pop those hearts on a bamboo skewer and you’re ready to dip. And what are we dipping them in, you ask? Well, so many things….

Start with the frosting that came in your package. Thin it out just a little with milk and you have a dip. Take the apple filling that came in your package. Thin that out with a little water and heat in a saucepan. That’s another dip. Combine cream cheese with powdered sugar and milk-it’s a dip. Use caramel or hot fudge sauce and you’ve got a dip. You get the picture. The sky it the limit here. Dip away, my friends…dip away. It's easy and fun to make cinnamon roll heart kabobs! #WarmUpYourDay #adWhat goes best with your cinnamon roll heart kabobs? How about some blushing orange juice? This is pretty awesome…it’s a drink and it’s a science experiment. Just fill a glass almost to the top with Florida orange juice. Add a splash of grenadine. Prepare to oohhhh and ahhhh while you explain the concept of specific gravities in liquids to your little people. Or just enjoy the color gradation. Your call. It's easy and fun to make cinnamon roll heart kabobs! #WarmUpYourDay #adAnd don’t save this for Valentine’s Day, either. It’s always a good time to let your food do the talking.

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