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Five Minute Raspberry Iced Tea

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Make easy raspberry iced tea in five minutes! I’ve lived in the south my entire life. That means I was pretty much raised on Sweet Tea. Black tea, served over ice, swimming in sugar. It’s amazing. I’m not, however, a sweet tea purist. Somewhere in my 30s I stopped ordering sweet tea and started ordering unsweetened. I feared immediate revocation of my Southern Card. Luckily, I was allowed to keep it. With the knowledge that I could drink other things and maintain my credibility, I branched out into flavored teas…and dare I say it…hot teas. Hot teas are not ideal for summer refreshment, though. It’s definitely iced tea season.

Raspberry Iced Tea

Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea is ready in just five minutes!

When it’s a gazillion degrees outside there’s nothing better than a glass of iced tea. Lipton’s Cold Brew tea bags can be brewed with cold water. In five minutes. That means you’re never more than five minutes away from the perfect glass of iced tea at any time. Pretty sweet, right?
Make easy raspberry iced tea in five minutes! It’s also crazy easy to make your own raspberry iced tea.

How To Make Raspberry Iced Tea In Five Minutes

Just start with six ounces of fresh raspberries.
Make easy raspberry iced tea in five minutes! Muddle the raspberries and add to your pitcher, along with 8 cups of cold water and two Lipton Cold Brew tea bags. Dunk the bags and stir frequently, allowing the tea to cold brew for at least five minutes. Make easy raspberry iced tea in five minutes! Strain the tea, sweeten to taste and serve over ice. Fresh brewed raspberry iced tea in minutes!

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