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Homemade Tasting Spaghetti Sauce In Minutes

Homemade Tasting Spaghetti Sauce In MinutesSmall Basic DisclosureIt really is the little things. Remember when you had to break your pasta in half to get it to fit in the pot? (Of course that meant little pieces of pasta flying all over your kitchen.) Maybe you stuck the full length pasta in the boiling water and waited for it to get soft enough to push it down in the pot? (After which your phone would always ring, you’d forget all about it, and you’d come back to half cooked, half raw pasta.)  I know you never pulled out that giant pasta pot that’s too big and too hard to clean. (I mean, really-is that pot good for anything other than lobster boils?)  Mueller's Pot-Sized PastaNow Mueller’s brings you pot-sized pasta. It’s half the length so it goes right into the pot! No breaking. No half raw pasta. No giant-hard-to-clean pots. It’s just one of life’s little shortcuts that make things easier. And Mueller’s wants to help you celebrate those things with their “Share Your Shortcut” contest on Facebook! Share your favorite kitchen shortcut and you could win a $500 American Express gift card!

What’s my favorite shortcut? My almost homemade spaghetti sauce. I’m not going to slave away in the kitchen all day to create a sauce from scratch. Why would I when I can get the same taste in a few minutes?

Spaghetti SauceAll you need is your favorite jar of pasta sauce and a few extras. Good choices? Mushrooms, garlic, peppers, onions…whatever you love in your sauce! Just add a little olive oil to your saucepan. Saute whatever you choose. (I picked garlic and mushrooms.) Then add your favorite sauce from a jar. It’s that easy! Combine the sauce with your favorite Mueller’s Pot-Sized pasta and you have an easy meal in just a few minutes.

Homemade Tasting Spaghetti Sauce

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