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{Recipe} Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Portobello Burger

Spinach Artichoke pinbasic disclosureWhen I was invited to participate in the Get Stuffed burger challenge I wasn’t sure what to make. I’m closing in on two full months as a vegetarian and I wanted to stick to my new lifestyle when it came to making my recipe.

Good Cook ChopperI decided portobello mushrooms were the way to go for this recipe. I used my Good Cook chopper to chop up some baby bella mushrooms.

Mushroom Burger MixI then mixed the chopped mushrooms with eggs and breadcrumbs. (It’s equal parts mushrooms and breadcrumbs with about one egg per burger.)

Pressing BurgerIt wouldn’t be a stuffed burger challenge without stuffing. I decided to use my spinach artichoke dip recipe for the stuffing. (As a bonus you’re sure to have some left over if you do the full recipe-just pop it in the oven and you’ll have dip, too!) Stuffed BurgerAfter spooning in my mushroom mixture I used the Good Cook Stuffed Burger Press to create the pocket for my stuffing. The press has two sides: one for pressing, one for creating the stuffing pocket.

Spinach Artichoke StuffingI just spooned in my spinach artichoke mixture and topped with more mushrooms.

Cooking BurgerI then cooked the mushroom burger in a pan with a touch of butter. (OK, more than a touch…) It’s very delicate so it’s best to go slowly when cooking and flipping this burger.

Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Portobello BurgerReady to create a burger masterpiece of your own? You can receive 25% off  Good Cook tools like their Burger Stuffer and Cast Iron Grill with code BurgerLovers.

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