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Rugrats-Inspired Chuckie Finster Costume Glasses

Thank you to Nickelodeon for sponsoring these Rugrats-inspired costume glasses. This post contains affiliate links. Read more about how affiliate links support this website.

Chuckie Finster DIY costume glasses on retro background.

Once upon a time I was tasked with making a Cynthia-inspired headband. Now I’ve been asked to make a pair of Chuckie-inspired glasses to celebrate the arrival of Season 1, Volume 1 of Rugrats on DVD. Needless to say, I won’t be happy until I have recreated something representing every member of the Rugrats family!

This is the kind of DIY I love to share because even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, you can still make it. I made a template for Chuckie’s hair that you can download and trace. If you can cut and glue, you got this!

Rugrats-Inspired Chuckie Costume Glasses

All you need to make your own Chuckie glasses is a piece of orange craft foam (or construction paper), a black paint pen or marker, scissors, glue, a cheap pair of glasses, and the template. I picked up a pair of children’s sunglasses from the dollar store that I then spray painted with a bit of purple paint I already had on hand. Use the template to trace out Chuckie’s hair from the craft foam, then outline it with the marker or pen. Cut and trim the foam to fit your glasses and then glue it into place.

Chuckie Finster DIY costume glasses on retro background.

Rugrats-Inspired Cynthia Headband

Cynthia the doll inspired headband on orange background.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the fun Cynthia headband I created!

Rugrats: Season 1, Volume 1

Rugrats: Season 1, Volume 1 is available now on DVD. Find it wherever DVDs are sold.

The Rugrats of the beloved 90s cartoon are back in a brand-new series with an all-new look! Get a knee-high view of the world with this baby band of best friends as they wander off on epic adventures, make new discoveries, and learn about the world and each other – all before snack time! Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Susie may be pint-sized, but their imaginations are larger than life! And they’ll need all that combined brainpower to go up against Tommy’s sneaky cousin Angelica! This volume contains the first 13 episodes of Season One in a 2-disc set!

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