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Samsung Galaxy Mega: Size Matters

Samsung Galaxy MegaRecently Sprint users had their first opportunity to explore a whole new level of smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Mega takes the traditional smartphone one step closer to a mini-tablet. There’s a 6.3-inch HD touchscreen display and easy to navigate buttons. The hybrid design means you can hop from a conference call to video call without the need for two separate devices.

Sprint sent me a Mega to test drive and even though I knew this was a big phone, I was still a little shocked when I took it out of the box. I was used to my GS3 and it’s 4.8″ display. (And I already considered the GS3 to be a large phone.) I was considering an upgrade to a Note 3 which has a 5.7″ display. The Mega? It’s got a massive 6.3″ display. The extra size doesn’t add a lot of extra weight. It comes in right at 7 ounces.

The Mega is a 4G LTE device running on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system. If you’re a Samsung junkie like me you’ll also love the ability to sync your information between the devices and to share content via S Beam.

The Samsung Mega is all about the size. (I’m pretty sure the size is the entire point of this phone.) So just to give you a point of reference…
Samsung Size Comparison(I told you I was a Samsung groupie. And don’t judgethese aren’t all mine.) What’s interesting here is that the Mega and the Tab 2 are pretty different in size, but they are actually pretty close in their display.

So who’s gonna love the Samsung Galaxy Mega? Gamers. Film buffs. Anyone who looks at their phone and thinks the screen is too small. Who’s not gonna love it? People with tiny hands. Or tiny purses. Or people who insist on sticking their phone in their tiny pockets. Oh, and people who are going to get annoyed with someone asking  you if that’s really a phone. Because yes, that was the question I was asked over and over. “Is that really a phone?” “Are you sure that’s not a tablet?” “There’s no way that’s a phone. Is it really a phone?” Of course I didn’t mind that. That’s because it was always immediately followed up with, “That’s so cool!”

Clueless on NetflixThe Samsung Galaxy Mega really can replace a small tablet. It’s perfect for late night reading on the Kindle app or watching Clueless on Netflix for the 498th time. (OK, that might just be how I use itbut you get the point.) Oh, and it’s also a phone.

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