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Shopkins Piñata: Wendy Wedding Cake

Wendy Wedding Cake Pinata

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my niece about her upcoming Shopkins-themed party. Somehow that discussion turned into a promise to make her a Shopkins piñata before the big day. Her choice was Lippy Lips, but Wendy Wedding Cake was also mentioned. When it came time to construct, I overruled Lippy Lips because I decided a Wendy Wedding Cake piñata was going to be much easier to make.

SuppliesTo make your own Wendy Wedding Cake Shopkins Piñata, you’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Masking Tape
  • School Glue
  • White, Red and Pink Crepe Paper
  • White, Black and Pink Cardstock
  • Glue Dots/Glue Runner/Other Adhesives
  • Scissors
  • String

To create the form of the piñata, I used carboard cake rounds because I already had them in my craft stash. You can also cut out round pieces from cardboard if you don’t have cake rounds to use. Just find three differently sized round objects around the house to trace. For the cardboard between the bottom and middle layer, I did cut out the middle to leave more room for stuffing with candy. For the paperboard sides, I used empty soda cases.

Cake StructureCreate the three tiered cake form by combing the cardboard and paperboard with lots and lots of masking tape. Don’t worry if things look a little lumpy-it will all be covered up with crepe paper. The important part is just making sure you get the general shape formed. Add a loop of string before taping on the top of the cake form if you’ll want to hang up your piñata.

Candy Opening

I patched all of the holes/spaces from the soda boxes except one. I left that exposed to use as a place to fill the piñata. Once the form is complete, it’s time to cover everything with white crepe paper. Fold over several lengths of crepe paper, then use scissors to create notches. Use school glue to attach the strips of crepe paper to the cake form.

Piñata Fringe

Keep layering and covering everything until you are happy with the amount of coverage you’ve achieved.

Candy Opening

Make sure you tape some crepe paper fringe over the opening for the candy, too!

Paper Flower Center

To create the roses, use glue and a piece of red crepe paper to form a stem.

Crepe Roses

Cut out petals from crepe paper, then glue those around the stems. You can cut multiple petals at once by folding over the crepe paper. With a good pair of scissors you can create at least ten petals per cut. Hold the rose in place with a clothespin, if needed, while the glue dries.

Wendy Wedding Cake

I used a variety of adhesives from my craft stash to attach the decorations, including glue dots and my glue runner. School glue was too wet to adhere them to the delicate fringe. The swirls were made by twisting pieces of red crepe paper. The eyes, hands and lips were cut by hand out of cardstock. (I swear, the shapes are very basic-you can do it, too!)

Wendy Wedding Cake Details

The small flowers that made the nosegay were made with smaller red crepe paper petals and tiny brads. (The glue method I used for the larger flowers would work here. I just ran out of time to let the glue dry!)

Wendy Wedding Cake Pin

Now all that’s left to do is fill your Wendy Wedding Cake Shopkins Piñata with candy and toys. And try not to cringe when it’s broken open after putting so much love into making it!

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