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Skeleton Sparkle Halloween Party

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Skeleton PartyIf you haven’t noticed, I’m a wee bit fond of Halloween. It’s the best excuse outside of Christmas to obnoxiously decorate your house from top to bottom. If you turn your house into something straight from an animated nightmare? You’re my people.

It’s also an excellent excuse to party. Adults and children in costume, eating candy? What could be more fun? That’s right. Exactly nothing. Nothing can top an excuse to wear a costume and eat candy. Nope. And speaking of candy:Candy

I love it when I can hit the store and buy one or two giant bags and basically give a sugar rush to the entire neighborhood. Seriously. The jumbo candy bags from Hershey’s should have me set for a party, trick-or-treaters and even a few really bad days when the only thing that will help is an all-chocolate diet.

But back to the party. A party needs a theme. And a theme can come from anywhere. For me I was shopping and noticing a bunch of sparkle and a bunch of skeletons. Enter the “Skeleton Sparkle Party”. Or “Sparkle Skeleton Party”. OK. I’m still working out the name. Bowls and HandsI needed something to hold all of that candy, so I made two super cute candy bowls. I started with inexpensive plastic spider bowls and skeleton hands.

Candy BowlA few coats of black glitter paint later and I had the sparkliest, creepiest, coolest candy bowls in town.

Candy Bowl FrontI used a combination of hot glue and duct tape to hold the hands in place and it was surprisingly sturdy. Oh, and two bowls filled with candy later and I still have candy everywhere!

PumpkinsAnd even though I was somewhat skeleton-centric, I allowed anything with black sparkles on my party table. Including a few adorable pumpkins.

SilverwareAnd hello? Sparkle plasticware? How freaking cute is that? Bonus points for no after-party cleanup. Just take out the trash and you’re done. Be green the other 364 days of the year.

CupcakesThere’s no party without cupcakes. Luckily these skeleton cupcakes are so easy to make. I used my dip frosting method: just microwave can frosting for about 10 seconds and dip in your cupcakes. Easy peasy.

Skeleton CupcakesI made the skeleton faces with a tube of black sparkle gel. I have less than no piping skills, so I promise you can make these, too!

Sparkle Rimmed DrinksI figured if there was sparkle on the cupcakes I should work it into the drinks, too! I coated the edge of my glasses with a little corn syrup and dipped them in black sugar sprinkles.

Goodie Bag FillersOf course every party needs party favors. I filled bags with-you guessed it-more candy! I also stuck in a few fun surprises like plastic skeleton rings. You have to play to your theme! Goodie Bags

I used a small piece of tape to seal of the black paper bags and added a little glittery skeleton scrapbooking sticker to cuten things up a bit. Skeleton Sparkle Halloween Party

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