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Scented Puffy Paint With Shave Gel

Scented Puffy Pain with shaving gel and glue!

One of my favorite things about Skintimate Shave Gels are their signature scents. That’s also what makes them perfect for arts and crafts. (And I’m totally not joking here!) Skintimate in the scent of your choice (along with school glue, a sandwich bag and a drop or two of food color) can help you create really fun puffy paint!

Shaving Cream, GlueMix equal parts of the shaving gel and the school glue together in a plastic sandwich bag. This is one reason why Skintimate Shave Gel is so perfect: you can see the glue and gel so you’ll have an idea how much you’ve used of each. With regular old white shaving cream and white glue it’s hard to see. (This doesn’t have to be a perfect 50/50 mix, just close to it.)

Shaving Cream and Glue with Food ColoringAdd a few drops of food color to create the shade you want.

Shaving Cream, Glue, SkintimateMix it all together by gently squeezing and kneading the bag.

Shaving Cream Puffy PaintSnip off one small corner of the bag and twist to use like a piping bag. You can create all sorts of fun shapes and designs.

Shaving Cream Designs from Scented Puffy PaintYou can create your designs on any type of paper. If you use wax or parchment paper you can peel off the designs once they’re dry. (They’ll be a little squishy but that’s really the fun part!) Best of all they’ll totally be scented like the Skintimite Shave gel you used!

And you thought Skintimate was just for your legs…

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