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SoFabCon In Pictures

My time at SoFabCon in mostly really bad phone photos…

Two months of packing and I was still stuffing things into bags until it was time to leave.
But finally I was fully packed so bright and early Thursday morning it was off to the airport. 
After being one of the only attendees to have an uneventful flight in I was checked in and waiting to meet my friends!
The first official event was the opening cocktail reception.
As you can tell, no one was happy to see it end.
Thanks for the picture, Bailey!
So we decided to go out and pretend we were still in our 20s. (Well, everyone except Mallery who doesn’t have to pretend.) 
Now it’s Friday and it’s time for learning. Dan Morris taught me about SEO. 
And Rachel Rockwell continued to make me want to be a photographer when I grow up. 
Friday night I abused the my photo booth privileges at the birthday dinner. 


And over…

And over…
Saturday meant more learning. (Although these guys spoke to me in a foreign language.) 
Danielle Smith convinced me to try something new. 
And hopefully one day I’ll be brave enough to post videos here.
And when I told Marla that I wanted to be brave enough to post videos she told me to just do it already.
Saturday night was the night I had been waiting for since it was announced…the 80s themed party!
 Sunday morning it was time to pack up and head home. (And maybe find some interesting things your friends forgot to pack…)
And now I’m home. And I’m sad. I’m ready for SoFabCon 14. Or SoFabCon 13 v.2.0. Or anything that’s going to get me back together with my friends as soon as possible.
Disclosure: A whole lot of other things happened. This is just what I had pictures of. Yes, I’m capable of taking a photo with a real camera. (Some of these actually are photos with a real camera and it’s mean of you to tell me they don’t look like it.) I totally learned stuff. When you see me holding a glass I’m pretty sure it’s just Diet Pepsi. Nesticles aren’t as dirty as they sound. Really.
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