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Song Lyric Chalkboard Art

Easy to make song lyric chalkboard art. I’m not the type to post inspirational messages on my Facebook wall. My Pinterest account is sadly lacking in graphic representations of meaningful quotes. Now before you go and accuse me of lacking depth, it’s not that. It’s just not a way I typically express myself. That doesn’t mean, of course, that I don’t occasionally find something that moves me. And that brings me to the band A-Ha. And their classic “Take On Me”.

Child of the 80’s that I am, of course I was already more than familiar with the song. I even have a playlist on Spotify dedicated to the many versions of it. It just took me a few decades to realize it’s hidden meaning.

It was around the time I was thinking about leaving my job of 13 years to work from home full time. It was nerve-wracking. Leaving security and familiarity to follow my passions was not an easy decision. And then I heard the song, and one line in particular jumped out. “It’s no better to be safe than sorry.” Yes. Life changing decisions made thanks to Norwegian pop music. This needs to be immortalized in a piece of song lyric chalkboard art.Create a fun piece of chalkboard art to share your favorite song lyrics! Technically this is a placeholder. I have grander plans for this quote that require supplies I don’t  yet have. While I’m waiting, I picked up a little pink framed chalkboard at the craft store. The chalkboard was attached to the frame, but I accidently discovered that it was only secured with hot glue. That meant it took almost no effort to pop it off. Perfect for when I decided I wanted a gold frame and not a pink one. Now would be a good time to confess my love for Rust-oleum’s Metallic Bright Gold. I’m not necessarily spray paint loyal. That said, all metallics are not created equal. This gold rocks my world. Create a fun piece of chalkboard art to share your favorite song lyrics!I added text in my Silhouette studio and cut it out of vinyl. I applied it to the chalkboard and then used hot glue to reattach the frame. That’s all there is to it-a fun piece of desk art with a lot of personal meaning.

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