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Spin Art Canvas

There’s nothing I love more than making things. The only problem is when it’s your job to make things, it’s your job. Sometimes it can suck the joy right out of it. That’s why I decided this weekend to have a little fun. Make a mess. No ending point when I started other than having fun. The end result? An easy and fun spin art canvas.

watered-down-paintThe secret to spin art is getting your paint mixed just right. You’ll need to add a little water to acrylic craft paint to get it to spin properly. Too much water and it gets kind of icky and water color-y. Too little and you’ll just have a blob of paint no matter how hard you spin. salad-spinnerHow, exactly, are we going to spin this thinned out paint? With a salad spinner! I had an inexpensive one from Ikea still sitting in the wrapper. Perhaps because I only buy bagged lettuce? Perhaps because I don’t eat enough salads? Whatever the reason, my salad spinner was perfect for creating a little art. A piece of masking tape will hold your paper in place while you spin.


Although the salad spinner will keep your paint from spinning all over your house, this isn’t exactly a mess-free project. Paint will definitely get on whatever surface you’re using. More than likely you’ll get some paint on you, too. Don’t worry. It’s all part of the fun. We can clean it up my little spin art pieces were dry, I pulled out my trusty circle cutter to turn my spin art into round shapes. mod-podge-spin-artThen I used some gloss decoupage medium to attach the rounds to a black canvas. spin-art

It totally reminds me of an ultra modern art piece from the mid 80s! (In my world, that’s a compliment.) I used black and gold because I’m obsessed with black and gold…but think of how much fun you can have with some crazy bright colors!
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