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Stock Up On Craft Supplies During Back To School Season

I stocked up on craft supplies in the back to school section of Walmart as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SavingsCatcher

Stock up on craft supplies during back to school season! #savingscatcherI’ve seen it in my social feeds for weeks now. “Whhhhhy are the back to school displays up?” “Didn’t summer juuuust start?” “Noooooo…I’m not ready to think about school!”

Clearly I have some overly dramatic friends. Not only are they dramatic, they’re missing out on a golden opportunity. Back to school displays are the BEST for stocking up on crafting goodies at amazing deals.

Sharpie markers are great for crafting! #SavingsCatcherEveryone should have an insanely large collection of Sharpie markers. Everyone. Even if you’re not a crafter you’ll need a Sharpie from time to time. They’re great for drawing, coloring, marking on hard to mark on surfaces and more. Use them to create custom t-shirts. Write on a mug and bake it and you’ll have a permanent design. Have you ever splashed bleach on something and lost color? You can use a color matched Sharpie to fill in the spots. Sharpies are basically the duct tape of the marker world. Extra special super awesome bonus? It’s only during back to school season that you can find the really amazing bonus packs stuffed with extra colors and pretty much enough Sharpie markers to last anyone a solid year of hard core DIYing.

Stock up on glue for crafting during back to school season. #SavingsCatcherGlue bottles. Glue sticks. Glue everything. What’s craft life like without a crazy stash of glue? Need two things that aren’t attached stuck to each other? Put some glue on it. OK, fine. You already knew that. The point I’m trying to make it one that every five year old knows: glue is awesome. School glue is great for rubbing on your hands, letting it dry and then peeling it off. Wait…I’m kind of getting away from the whole craft thing, aren’t I? School glue is great for making slime and puffy paint. Gel glue works as a dye resist when you’re doing a little DIY batik. Glue sticks? They pretty much make life worth living. Oh, and they’re great for paper crafts like magazine beads and paper quilling.

Stock up on crayons, gel pens, highlighters and colored pencils to use during crafting when it's back to school season. #SavingsCatcherCrayons and markers and gel pens-oh my! Of course they’re good for sketching and drawing and all of the usual things. But crayons are great for doing wax resists and shaved crayon melts. Did you know you could create black light reflective glow in the dark water by deconstructing a highlighter? And gel pens are a festive way to hold back your hair. Oh, and of course, you know…you can draw stuff with them.

Look for fun storage solutions for your craft supplies during back to school season. #SavingsCatcherBack to school sections are also filled to the tip top with fun storage solutions. Pencil boxes, file folders, storage bins? They’re all great for stashing  away your craft supplies. I’m kind of in love with my new mini recycling bin that will hold all of my tiny craft scraps from now on.

So you’re probably thinking, “This is all well and good, but I don’t wanna run all over town to find the best back to school deals…” And to that I say, “Savings Catcher, my friend!” Here’s the deal. You head to Walmart. You shop for whatever you would normally buy. Savings Catcher scours the deals in your area. If they find a better deal, you get the savings on a Walmart eGift Card. Easy peasy, right? And then you can use that Walmart eGift Card to buy more things. And then you can submit that receipt. And then you can get another Walmart eGift Card. Wait. Somehow I got stuck in an infinite loop… Resetting… Check out my video to see just how easy it is to use Savings Catcher.

So get thee to Walmart and stock up on school crafting supplies now. ‘Tis the season…

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