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Take Star Wars Back To School

This collection of Star Wars back to school gear is sponsored by Shop Disney. Included links contain affiliate codes. You can read more in my privacy policy.

The force is strong with these back to school finds, and you won’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to find them. They’re all available for you now when you visit ShopDisney!

Star Wars Stationary Set

This set includes three pencils, Darth Vader ruler, two erasers, sticky note pad, and carrying pouch. How cute are the Yoda and C-3PO erasers? And the light saber pencils? This set is adorable!

Star Wars Lunch Tote

This awesome Star Wars-inspired lunch tote features the classic movie opening scroll.

Star Wars Folio Organizer 

You can be the most organized student in the galaxy if you take this Star Wars folio organizer back to school. OK, it might not make you that organized, but you’ll at least look cool when you’re trying to find that homework assignment.

Star Wars Backpack

I love the old school arcade style graphics on this Star Wars backpack. This backpack even includes an option to personalize the straps with your name and a place to attach your lunch tote.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Backpack

If you loved Solo: A Star Wars story, you’ll love this backpack featuring Solo, Lando, Chewy and the rest of the gang.

Star Wars Leia Tank

Every girl needs this “I Don’t Need Rescuing” tank featuring Princess Leia. Who doesn’t love a self-rescuing princess?

Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

If you’re a fan of the fastest ship in the galaxy, you’ll definitely want to wear this Millennium Falcon t-shirt when you head back to school. Or hey, use the plans in the design to build your own. It sure would make the carpool line a breeze!

Porg T-Shirt

I’m obsessed with Porgs, and I think they’re just about the cutest thing ever. These little guys from Star Wars: The Last Jedi make a perfect back to school statement of style on this t-shirt.

Don’t worry. If you’re still filling out your back to school closet, there are tons more Star Wars shirts available at ShopDisney!

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