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The Target Wedding Catalog: Saving You From Overpriced Gravy Boats

Kitchen Aid at TargetSmall Basic DisclosureWe’re just a few months away from Wedding Season. Happy couples will be joyfully scanning all sorts of things they totally don’t really need at fancy stores where they never actually shop. All so you can make the trip to purchase their over-priced gravy boat.  Do your friends (and their friends) a favor. Make sure they check out the Target Wedding Catalog when they’re preparing their registry.

Why? Because if they register at Target you have an excuse to shop at Target. (Not that anyone really needs an excuse to shop at Target…) Instead of overpriced gravy boats they can register for things they actually need. (Like moderately priced gravy boats.) Not only that, at Target they’ll be able to explore all of their interests. (Not just the ones linked to the kitchen.) Do they love to camp? Have game nights? Register for sleeping bags or board games. Why not? It’s their wedding. Shouldn’t they get gifts they’ll actually useWine Glasses

And hey, you can still get a registry full of all of that kitchen gear, too. I mean, Target does have the KitchenAid stand mixer in stock. Isn’t that on the top of every couple’s wish list? And wine glasses. They also have wine glasses. Register for the KitchenAid and wine glasses. After that it’s all gravy. Or gravy boats, as the case may be…

Amazingly awesome bonus time: One of you is going to win a $25 Target gift card. So make sure you check out the Target Wedding Catalog. I’m going to need a link in the comments of your favorite product! Fill out the RaffleCopter to collect all of your entries.

Good Luck!

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