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Ten April Fool’s Products That Didn’t Fool Anyone

OK, they all probably totally fooled someone…

Call me crazy…I see a market for this.

Apparently fake creamer was a thing this year. I would consider trying the caramel corn…

I see no market for smelly fingers…but I’m also over the age of 12 so maybe?

Just wrong. And yet if it was real I predict brisk sales.

If it wasn’t for the witch green color this could have potential.

I would have said no if there wasn’t currently a chicken and waffle potato chip on the market…

If I still had a cat she’d have these. It would be adorable.

More kitties? I’m not adventurous enough to shop at REI…but I want a cat who is!

 Purex with glitter? Hell yeah I’d buy that!

I’m still not sure Virgin’s glass bottomed plane is a prank. Doesn’t Richard Branson send people into space or something?

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