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Ten Cute Bunny Gifts You Can Find On Amazon Prime

Know a bunny lover? Perhaps you are the bunny lover? Whatever the case may be, I have ten totally cute bunny gifts you should immediately add to your shopping cart on Amazon. Oh, and a little bonus: they’re all Prime-eligible!

Touch Sensor Nightlight

I have this light in my office. It’s adorable. It bears a striking resemblance to Totoro. It comes in different colors. You definitely need one.

Mobile Phone Holder

Are you just sitting your phone on the nightstand like some animal? Stop that with some wooden bunny phone holders that look just as cute when they’re not doing their job as when they’re in action.

Rabbit Picture Hangers

Although they’re made to hang all of your photos on the wall, you could totally use these rabbit picture hangers as the world’s most adorable paper clips.

Bunny Desk Organiser

Although nothing on this list is going to send you to the poorhouse, I can admit the bunny desk organizer is a bit spendy. Which is probably why I don’t have it. And the fact that I don’t have it makes me super mad. So I should just get over it and shell out the $30, right?

Copper Ring Holder

You’ll never lose your rings when you use this cute copper bunny to hold them. Set it by the sink and smile every time you wash your hands.

Porcelain Led Nightlight

I’m not saying I’m afraid of the dark. I’m just saying that this porcelain bunny nightlight is really cute and would make a great accent for any bedroom. And I’m definitely not afraid of the dark. Nope. Not at all.

Succulent Planter

They make plastic succulents that look amazingly real. Since I kill everything, that means I can get this planter and a fake succulent and it will stay totally adorable despite my neglect!

Jewelry Tray

If you need more places to put your jewelry and change, this rabbit is ready to step in. And is it just me, or does he look very Elizabethan? So fancy.

Rabbit Coloring Book

Grab your coloring pencils and settle in for some bunny therapy with this rabbit-themed adult coloring book.

Cotton Ball Dispenser

What? That little bunny on your bathroom counter serves a practical purpose? Stuff him full of cotton balls and you’ll always have one right at hand. Or at tail as the case may be…

Cute Bunny Gifts

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