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Ten Gifts For Adult Fans of Beauty and the Beast

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With last year’s 25th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast and this year’s amazing live action retelling, it’s safe to say that you know a fan or two who are long past the age of the toy aisle. (I write that from my office literally filled with toys, but I do understand that most people choose to eventually grow up.) If you know an adult fan-or if you’re the adult fan-of Beauty and the Beast, I have ten perfect gift ideas!

A Journal for recording all of your of your adventures in the great wide somewhere.

An Rose Ornament that would be perfect for your next enchanted Christmas.

A Beauty and the Beast Coloring Book to express your creative urges.

An Enchanted Mug that turns into Thomas Kinkade’s “Beauty and the Beast Falling In Love” when you had your hot beverage.

A set of Enchanted Rose Ear Buds for listening to the movie soundtrack.

A Beauty and the Beast Wallet that can hold all of your money for the book store.

An Enchanted Rose Charm Bracelet you can wear until the last petal falls.

A Lumiere Figurine by Jim Shore to remind everyone who visits to be your guest.

A Cell Phone Case with a picture of everyone’s favorite happily ever after.

A copy of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray, because you can’t watch a tale as old as time too often.

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