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That time I was in the same room as Captain America and Thor…

Disney1505476_10106537814104944_7996289719685260547_nSo remember earlier in the week when I told you about my favorite part of my trip to LA? Well here it is. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. Captain America and Thor. Chris 1 and Chris 2. That’s how they introduced themselves, as Chris 1 and Chris 2. I’m still not sure which is which, but I’m pretty sure they both think they’re Chris 1, so it’s all OK.

Let me just say right now that I still can’t believe I was in the same room as Captain America and Thor. Although I suppose since they weren’t filming and weren’t in costume I should just say I was in the same room as Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. No matter how you say it, I still can’t believe it. Getting a chance to meet them wasn’t a letdown. These guys were funny. Very funny. I think you’ll see that…19604_10106537813431294_7972400343168006969_n

What was their favorite fight scene in the movie?

Evans: My favorite one I wasn’t even in, the Hulk Buster and the Hulk…that’s my favorite one. That’s a long fight scene, too.
Hemsworth: I haven’t seen that scene. I haven’t seen the movie. But from the trailer what looked cool was the kind of tie in shot between all of us. And at the very beginning of the film where it cuts from each of our individual fights and it looks like it’s one big tracking shot…that blew my mind as to how they even did that.

Are they still discovering new things about their character?

Evans : Well, you know the character but you hope there’s always new challenges. You hope as an actor there’s always a new…hurdle to jump in, a new arch to kind of discover….You know the first couple of movies you try to read as many comic books as possible to make sure the built in audience-the fan base-is going to be satisfied with what you bring to the screen. But then in terms of where the character is going, that’s up to the director and the writer and Joss and…whoever’s doing it. And that’s always new and that’s what makes these exciting to come back to. If it weren’t new, it would get old, stagnant and the audience would feel it.

And has playing Captain America changed him?

Evans: Sure. I mean, there’s no denying. Any actor will tell you if you have to live in any headspace for an
extended period of time it’s going to, you’re going to take some of it home with you. Now it’s, you know, there’s no way to sound right saying this but you hope, you hope that some of the character comes home with you. You hope to see more of yourself, you hope to see more of Steve Rogers in who you are on a day ­to day basis. So yeah, absolutely.
Hemsworth: Unless you’re playing Hannibal Lecter.
Evans: Sometimes you get hungry for people and look, it’s method.

And about this time, someone started to ask, “Did either of you…”

Evans: Did either of you ever eat a person?
Hemsworth: Just this once. Tastes like chicken.
Evans: Once I was in the Philippines…

Told you they were funny. 11013597_10106537813705744_4369841788440304022_n

The real question? Did they have a favorite superhero growing up?

Hemsworth : Superman was mine… It was probably the first of the superhero films, wasn’t it?
Evans : When you’re a kid you kind of like what you’re given to play with. So I had a Spiderman toy and so that was kind of my thing. I never really watched Spiderman comics but he was my guy. He was battling ninja turtles a lot.

Is there another superhero they’d like to be?

Evans: To be honest, I’d love to play like an Ironman. You know, Steve Rogers is such an internal guy and I just want to make some jokes. Can I just make some jokes? I don’t get any jokes and you know, Ironman this fun, free, loose guy. And it was a lot like when I was doing the Fantastic Four movies. It’s fun to play someone who wears their emotions on their sleeve. And Steve’s not exactly that way. So any other superhero who gets to be a little more sassy I would take. Yeah, Cap’s not sassy.
Hemsworth: So, Black Widow?
Evans:Yeah. I’d look good in that black outfit.
Hemsworth: Me too.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t feel like my life is complete until I see Chris 1 and Chris 2 dressed as Black Widow…

11152353_10106532959573464_7571102429680543891_nA 10 year old fan sent in a question. He was being bullied and wanted to know if Chris Hemsworth thought it was ok for boys to have long hair.

Hemsworth: Of course it is. God, yeah. Absolutely. My dad had long hair for years. In fact, was asked to play for a football team, invited down to a big league in Australian football. It was quite a big opportunity. And the coach said, yeah, cool but you’ve got to cut your hair because he had a ponytail. And he said no and walked away. And gave up that dream and did something else, honestly.
Evans: Wow.
Hemsworth: I think part of him sort of says, I should have just cut my hair. But, you know, moral point and I think absolutely… If anyone is narrow minded enough to and limited in their thinking to think that that is an issue…then they’ve got the problem. And you wait, in a few years’ time that kid will understand that that other kid has larger problems, you know?
Evans: Anytime I see a kid with long hair I’m like, that kid is so much cooler than anything I have ever was.

What about being in character outside of filming?

Evans: That’s the best thing about these characters, kids love em. You know, so there’s really nothing like seeing a little kids face kind of light up, kind of freeze in the moment because I know what that was like. I met Hulk Hogan when I was like 10. And I was like, oh. Everything just went blank and it’s just… Those little moments that can really impact little kids’ lives. So anyway you can kind of, you know, incorporate yourself in those little kids. Whether it’s going to the hospital of kids who are sick or going to a theater where kids are learning to be creative and find themselves. Any type of environment for you can kind of encourage that is great. And that’s one of the real perks of playing this role.

How much fun was the scene with Thor’s Hammer?

Evans: It was a good scene.
Hemsworth: It was great. It was good to see us all in normal clothes and not, you know, being superheroes. And for me personally…Thor can get so kind of stuck being the godly you know, prince or king or whatever he is. And, I can’t keep up either… It’s nice to be in civilian clothes. And what do these guys do when they’re not saving the world? It’s relatable for people in the audience. And that was exciting to read and be a part of.
Evans : Well said.

Do they hang out together outside of filming?

Evans: Oh yeah.
Hemsworth: We try not to. We try to save it for the screen.
Evans: I mean, truly sick of everybody. No, absolutely. I mean, that’s one of the best parts of this job. Any movie you’re going to get stuck doing a franchise with there’s a lot of variables that could go south…the movies could just be lousy or you could hate the director or you could hate the cast. Luckily, I don’t know how it happened, but none of that has happened. We got great movies, love the directors and the cast has become family. So absolutely. Outside of filming we all hang out, we all cause trouble.
Hemsworth : I can’t tell you how many people when I was about to do avengers went, oh, good luck on that set.
Evans: Don’t work with Chris Evans.
Hemsworth: The egos, yeah, especially him. But about the egos…I didn’t see any of that and I still haven’t.
Hemsworth: But as Chris said, we got lucky and we do honestly have a great time.

Does Chris Hemsworth ever slip into Thor’s Godspeak outside of filming?

Hemsworth: Just when things need to get done. No. Just when the lights go off, yeah. Honey.
Evans: Best answer ever. There’s no answer that is going to be better than that one ever. I was going to make a horrible joke about like putting the cap back on the toothpaste. That is so much better. Oh man, I’m not Thor. There it is. That’s the best answer of the day.
Hemsworth: Honey, let’s bring the thunder. Too far? Too far?
Evans: That’s phenomenal…What’s Cap speak?

Does Captain America have a real life inspiration?

Evans: I grew up with a kid named Charlie Morris and you can all write that down because he’ll love it. And this kid, this was a kid who was an Eagle Scout. You know what it takes to be an Eagle Scout as a kid? This is a kid who was 18-19 years old and was going on like his Eagle Scout like thing. He was just the best guy I knew, just a good guy. And so a lot of times you kind of draw parallels to what Charlie would do but the trickiest thing is to try to make him likable. You know, he doesn’t joke, he’s not fun. His not like sassy or loud or anything. So you try to play this guy and not come across as boring you know, which is the most dangerous thing about the character. So…it’s fun because it’s not me. I’m a very open guy. I wear my emotions right on my sleeve and this guy is a little more inside himself. But that’s what makes it like a fun challenge and you know, like I said, you do draw on parts of yourself. But I also lean on Charlie quite a bit, too, so. Write that down, Charlie Morris. He’s a good guy. Just a good guy. Like you just don’t meet ­­. He’s just a good guy. He just does what’s right.
Hemsworth: You meet some good guys though don’t you?
Evans: Well, sometimes, sometimes.
Interviewers: Is he on twitter so we can all tweet?
Evans: No, probably not. He’s too good for twitter, you know what I mean? He’s not doing that… He’s helping women across streets.

11133814_10106532959927754_2250759650228879713_nI think I’ll just sum up the interviews with one last quote from Chris Evans…

Would anyone here not want to be a ninja turtle? Great calves.

Yep. We talked Godspeak, we talked cannibals, we talked ninja turtles. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Photo Credits: Louise Manning Bishop of MomStart

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