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The Best Trolls World Tour Quotes

We’ve all been waiting and now it’s here! Trolls World Tour is available to rent. Here are over 30 of the best quotes from Trolls World Tour!

Over 30 Of The Best Trolls World Tour Quotes

What Poppy and Branch didn’t know was that their world was a lot bigger than they knew. -Cloud Guy (Walt Dohrn)

Family, love and music. -King Trollex (Anthony Ramos)

We’re all going to be one nation of Trolls…under rock! -Barb (Rachel Bloom)

Kisses and doughnuts and sprinkles. -Legsly (Ester Dean)

Being a good queen is the most important thing in the world to me. Other than being your friend. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

What’s more important than living in harmony? -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m the queen now. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

Father trumps queen. -King Peppy (Walt Dohrn)

We’re all trolls. Differences don’t matter. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

This is a terrible idea that will most likely blow up in your face. -Branch (Justin Timberlake)

We don’t need a giant, comprehensive manual. How hard can it be? -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

Something gnarly happened here. -Branch (Justin Timberlake)

Violence never solves a problem, Branch. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

This is gonna take a lot of hugs. -Branch (Justin Timberlake)

Hating things takes a lot of energy. -Barb (Rachel Bloom)

They must not know that music is supposed to make you happy. That’s awful. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

It looks like they got beat up by a rainbow. -Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson)

I did the splits and no one even clapped. Am I not cute anymore? -Biggie (James Corden)

It’s not candy time. It’s question time. -Branch (Justin Timberlake)

You may be pop and I may be country, but trolls is trolls. -Hickory (Sam Rockwell)

Cappucci-no? Cappucci-yes! -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

Scrapbooks? Those are cut out, glued and glittered by the winners. -Prince D (Anderson Paak)

I’m like a whole centimeter taller than you. -Barb (Rachel Bloom)

It was scary. Rock me, daddy! -Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thompson)

Being queen can be kind of lonely. -Barb (Rachel Bloom)

I guess a giant, comprehensive manual does come in handy. -Branch (Justin Timberlake)

Who wants to party…without smiling? -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

A world where everyone looks the same, acts the same and sounds the same? That’s not harmony. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

Real harmony takes lots of voices. Different voices. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)y

History repeats itself. Pop has ruined everything. -Barb (Rachel Bloom)

Just let everyone be what they want to be. Including you. -King Thrash (Ozzy Osbourne)

Now that you’re not forcing me, I hope we can be friends. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

You have to be able to listen to other voices. Even when they don’t agree with you. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

You can’t harmonize alone. -Poppy (Anna Kendrick)

I’m done with my nap and I’m ready to party. -Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thompson)

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Get ready to rock with over 30 of the best Trolls World Tour quotes!

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