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The BFG: Mini Book Charms

The BFG Book CharmsI’m back in LA for #TheBFGEvent, and I’m sticking with my tradition of making gifts for everyone in attendance. I’ve made Avengers Tattoos, Disney earrings and Jungle Book soaps so far. This time I’m making everyone teeny tiny The BFG mini book charms.

To make your own mini book charms, you’ll need:

The BFGThere are a few versions of The BFG covers out there, but I used the copy Disney Studios sent me last year in anticipation of the movie. I scanned the front and back covers, along with the spine, then connected them all in PicMonkey using their sticker tool. You can grab the image above to make your own. I like putting the image in Word to get the exact size I want when it’s printed. I sized the cover to be about one inch tall.

The BFG Sheet

Print as many book covers as you’ll need on smooth white cardstock. Using textured cardstock will give the book cover a leathery appearance. Give the printed cover a spray with acrylic sealer if you used an ink jet printer to seal the ink before you start to cut.
The BFG Cuts

Use a ruler and craft knife to cut out the individual book covers. It’s tiny work, so do it when your eyes are well rested in a room full of light!
The BFG FOlds

Use the dull side of your craft knife to score each side of the spine. That will allow you to make clean folds to create your book cover.

Polymer Clay for Mini Books

To create the book pages, use white polymer clay. Condition the clay by rolling, bending and stretching in your hands until you have made the clay soft and pliable. Roll it into a sheet the width of the book cover’s spine. Create a template for how big the pages should be and use a craft knife or clay blade to cut out the rectangles. I had some leftover Premo Sculpey clay that I used first, and I found it much easier to work with for this project than my regular Sculpey. Once you’ve created your pages, run your craft knife along the edges to create the illusion of actual paper before you bake the clay. You’ll also want to screw in your small eye hooks at this time, unless you plan to use glue on bails. I liked using the eye hooks so the entire back cover was visible.

The BFG Mini Books, Glazed

Use decoupage medium to adhere the pages to the book cover. Once it’s dry, give the front and back a generous spray of clear gloss sealer.

The BFG Mini Book Charms Side View

Once everything is dry, they’re ready to gift!

The BFG Mini Book Charms

All that’s left to do is to add a chain.

The BFG Mini Book Charms with Ball Chains

#TheBFGEvent is June 20-22, but stay tuned for full coverage after the event right here on As The Bunny Hops.

The BFG Mini Book Charms


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